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Welcome to the official website of Gian Michael Simmons Productions. As a prolific Author, my mission in life is to tell stories of all kinds in the Spirit of God. Take a look through the site to find everything from books, podcasts, groups, shopping, blogs, member areas, videos, motivation, poetry, and more. Become a free member for exclusive perks and rewards. BE SURE TO CLICK MENU FOR ALL SITE PAGES AND SCROLL DOWN FOR ALL BOOKS. 10 BOOKS IN TOTAL.

Thank you for your love and support. I appreciate your time and attention. I have been very busy working around the clock to bring the Word from heaven. I bring word from the Father. This is prophesy. We are in the Age of Enlightenment. Born through the spirit of the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer, I have been bathed in the waters of undying love. 

The assignment that has been placed upon me is to enlarge the tents of love’s habitations, to not despair. To lengthen the cords and strengthen the stakes. To be the voice of the voiceless and to share transcripts of the Voice that speaks through silence to produce Silence Speaks. 

This is a message to prepare us for the final days and the return of God. This message is for us humans that are living but not yet alive. It is about a rebirth process to synthesize the elements and return to a state of Individual Collective Oneness and Love. To usher in frozen truths melted in love. The time is now for Silence Speaks. 

As a business, I will be expanding my brand to include areas in finance, wealth management, fashion, music, food and transportation, and more! 

This journey would not be complete without your love and continued support. 


Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed
NEW BOOK MAY 2, 2022

Gian Michael Simmons Productions 


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Revelations Full Cover 5222.jpg


Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed

Release: May 2, 2022

Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Amazon Author Page:

The Word of YAH declares that in the last days that every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess, and revelations of the mystery of YAH would be complete. The Word states that only the pure in heart shall see YAH. This is a result of the purification process of a pure heart that has seen YAH to shine the pure light of righteousness on darkness to speak life and love.  

Revelations: Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed is about bringing you into complete knowledge of YAH and YAH’s plan for salvation. This is a special edition for the Chosen Children of YAH, The 12 Tribes of Israel. This is an extensive historical and bible study guide packed with scriptures and factual history. This book is for all students of Hebrews, Jews, religion, history, African and African American history. I acknowledge that the source of all information is the King James Bible, Cepher, older translations, and YAH. 

In this project, we dig deep into the mysteries of YAH from the creation all the way to the coming judgement day. Leaving no stone unturned, the Word of YAH is presented as a complete study guide for all students of the Word and history. Some topics include the creation story, the fall of man, Hebrew cosmology, the Children of Israel, identification of the 12 Tribes of Israel and history, Ha’Mashiach a.k.a. Messiah, Jesus, bible stories and lessons, Torah and law, hidden sciences and mysteries, and repentance and salvation. Revelations exposing many hidden mysteries and secrets to allow for an opportunity of repentance as we must be born again into the Spirit of YAH. The Coming of Ha’Mashiach and time to be saved is now. This book will prepare you for the kingdom of heaven and awaken you to knowledge of your hell. REPENT. The proper ways of YAH and Hebrews are presented along with laws, math, and calendars. Call on YAH, Blessed be His Holy Name. Gian Michael Simmons Productions online at

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Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Love Liberates Series 


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Love Liberates Volume One
New Release Sept 2021

Black Poetry

Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Love Liberates Series 

Amazon Author Page:

Creatures of darkness 

Shining as light forms 

Spectacles of light 

Breaking forth from the darkness 


In the seas of space 


Illuminated thoughts 

Having the crystallized experience of life 

The illustrations of the voice within 

Love Liberates Volumes and Silence Speaks Volumes on sale wherever books are sold. 

Gian is a Wall Street Veteran and a seeker of higher wisdom. Love Liberates Volume One: Black Poetry is a celebration of black conscious poetry. I also celebrate the Black Family and history. This is a special volume as it also features information on each Zodiac sign. I dedicated individual poems, for each sign, to include information on your sign, sacred numbers, sacred flowers and trees, colors, and dating compatibility with other signs in the Zodiac. This is also presented to you in a very rare and engaging poetic form. I promise you won’t find anything like this! A celebration of Black Poetry and the House of 12; the Zodiac in rare historical form. 

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New Love Liberates Volume Two Pretty Girls Paperback .jpg

Love Liberates Volume Two
New Release Sept 2021

Pretty Girls

Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Love Liberates Series

Available on Amazon books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Amazon Author Page and to Purchase:

Love Liberates Volume Two: Pretty Girls is the second book to the Love Liberates poetry collection. As with all my books, you may purchase in any order. By purchasing, you allow myself, as a self-publisher, the opportunity to offer reduced prices and publish more public works. Sales prices reflect an opportunity for you to purchase the complete collections. This is a special volume for all; young and old. This volume is for all creatures of love, romance, and fantasy. In each poem, you will identify to the poetic stories, the words and characters, and the engagements of love. I trust that you shall see yourself in the many poems and many of your experiences with relationships. One special note: I wanted to offer poems from both male and female perspectives. The universe blessed me with rich stories from your shoes, men and women. This volume also addresses relationships, pregnancy, cheating, rape, dating, and love affairs. I was very mindful to illustrate many experiences that one would encounter in relationships and love to speak directly to the hearts of all. 

“When you feel your heartbeat, embrace Love’s story. You are a product of Love’s Designed Image. Signature crafted. You are Love” 

  • Gian Michael Simmons 

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Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Love Liberates Series 


Silence Speaks Volume Seven is Series Highlight Book

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SS Volume 7 .jpg

Silence Speak Volume Seven
New Release Sept 2021 - Series Highlight Feature Book

I AM THAT I AM: Gian Michael Simmons

Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Amazon Author Page:

I hope that everyone is having a great day. I’m excited! They say, seven is perfection. I promise you nothing less. In Volume Seven, I step away from poetry and have a chance to speak to you.  This is where I open up. Nothing like you ever read before. The many mysteries!  The questions you all have been asking. 

This project is an opportunity for me to get "behind the scenes" on events in my life that lead to Silence Speaks. I, also, get deeper into topics and poems. This volume is not a book of poetry. It will provide an overview of the series and engage deeper into levels of consciousness and love.

Gian Michael Simmons is a seeker of higher spiritual wisdom. This is the seventh book in the Silence Speaks series. Silence Speaks is available in many volumes. In this volume, I provide an insight into my poetic life and experiences to speak to the hearts of where we are today as a species. This is a historical collection to discuss our current state of spirituality and survival as a species. This is a book of wisdom and knowledge. I share many stories from my vast experience of life. This volume also provides an overview of the series. This is not a book of poetry. However, some poetry is featured in this volume.

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coverggggg Paperback V5.jpg

Silence Speaks Volume Five

College, The Garden of Life

Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Available on Amazon books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Amazon Author Page and to Purchase:

This is the fifth volume in the series. The book contains 84 poems and is 228 pages. This book allowed me to discuss both physical and spiritual college. It was very exciting writing as it also allowed me an opportunity to pay homage to some of my college friends, experiences, and legendary teachers. This book is a follow-up to Volume Four and is a wakeup call for Black and White America. This book also gets deeper into the Zodiac and each Zodiac sign. In this volume features poems such as “I’m A Cancer”, “Leo”, “Capricorn”, “The House”, “College Stories”, “The President”, “I’m Bleeding Knowledge”, “Fraternity”, “Why is the world so gay”, “Mistakes”, “I met Jay Z in college”, “My Mother”, “My Father”, “My Son”, “My Brother”, “Dr.  Carr”, “Dr. Sutherland”, “Bomani”, “18 Crew for Life”, “The Life of Gian Michael Simmons President”, “Before You start hating me”, “I’m sorry”, “Circle Rink”, “Black Sun”

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Silence Speaks Volume Four


Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Available on Amazon books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Amazon Author Page and to Purchase:

This is the fourth book in the Silence Speaks Series. This book contains 30 items and 200 pages. This volume is a mixture of poetry, motivation, self-help, and financial empowerment. In this volume features items such as “I Am A Spirit”, “Feelings”, “The Power of the Mind”, “Fear Vs. Faith”, “Full Moons”, “Life is a Stock”, “Pray”, “Credit Reports”, What is a Stock?”, “Beneficiaries”, “Forming a Nonprofit”

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Promo 3.jpg

Silence Speaks Volume Three


Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Available on Amazon books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Amazon Author Page and to Purchase:

This is the third Volume is the Silence Speaks Series. It contains 27 Poems and 97 pages. This Volume begins to dispel some of the illusions of our physical reality. It also addresses areas in consciousness and Mother Nature. In this volume features poems such as “Dark Chocolate”, “Four Doors”, “The Voice”, “Illuminate”, “Prodigal Sons”, “Mother Nature”, “Mother is Hurting”, “Silence Speaks”

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Silence Speaks Volume Two


Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Available on Amazon books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Amazon Author Page and to Purchase:

This is the second book in the series. It contains 30 poems and 111 pages. This is a follow-up book to Volume One. This book focus on the challenges in our physical reality stemming from the mind. Special edition for those dealing with loss of a loved one, depression, suicide, addictions, mental illness, and relationships. In this volume features poems such as, “Mind Control”, “I’m Your Disease”, “More Than A Conqueror”, “Vices”, “Look in the Mirror”, and “The Building”

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Silence Speaks Volume One


Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Available on Amazon books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Amazon Author Page and to Purchase:

 This is the first book in the series. This book has 37 poems and is 172 pages. It allows for an opportunity to introduce myself and the Silence Speaks Series. Featured are poems such as “King of Hearts”, “Pretty Girls”, “Living In The City”, “America, We Are One”, “X”,  “They’ll Do Anything To Win”, and “In Jesus Name”

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Autographed Copies

Take your piece of history. If you're interested in an autographed copy, use the link below to contact me. Be sure to indicate the Volume Number and who to make it out to. I will be accepted PayPal, CashApp, and Zelle.



Poetry samples

Be sure to purchase your copy of the poetry book, Silence Speaks, wherever books are sold. Silence Speaks will be available in paperback and ebook. 

I am a student of history and knowledge. I am a seeker of wisdom and higher truth. Before man was able to write, knowledge and history was passed through verbally through spoken words, poetic forms, and songs. Silence Speaks engages in this approach and I hope that you discover its rich and deep meaning. 

Legal Disclaimer: All the writings and works on this website are protected by Copyright. No contents may be used without the express written permission from the content owner. All inquiries and interested parties shall contact the copyright owner for permission to use any of the materials on this website. By viewing this information, you agree to not copy, disseminate, distribute, or record any information on this site without permission of the owner. 

Below are sample selection of titles by Gian Michael Simmons Productions and from the book, Silence Speaks. A sample is also featured from his upcoming book on love. It’s far from the career of the average Author, and that’s the way they like it. Be sure to buy your copy of Silence Speaks wherever books are sold. Check out their collection of work and let them know what you think.

Revelations Full Cover 5222.jpg


After years of studying extremely hidden history, I am excited to share my findings in my latest book to be released in the coming week. 

One of my greatest finds was unlocking the mystery of Jesus, the worlds best kept secret. The key to this understanding was the revelation of the reality of two conflicting and separate religions contained within the Bible. The Old Testament represents the Hebrew religion, with the Elohiym(God) named YAH(YAHWEH). The New Testament represents Christianity, with Jesus as God. 

The Book of Daniel reveals the 4th and lazy beast is Rome. Esau-Edom is Rome. The deceiving Esau is attempting to steal the birthright of Jacob(Israel) by any means necessary. 

Hebrew history reflects that Yahusha Ben Yosef was a Hebrew prophet who prayed to YAHWEH, and taught and followed Torah Law. During his life, he was not known as Jesus. The name Jesus Christ came centuries after his death. At the Council of Nicea, Jesus was made into a God by Constantine, along with the assimilation of other pagan items, such as changing the Sabbath to Sunday from Saturday.  

At Nicea, the land was filled with so much paganism and Christianity(known as Pauline Gospels). The Druids had a god named Hesus and Krishna(Sanskrit for Christ). After letter J was added to Greek language, then comes the name Jesus Christ.

Christianity was started by Paul, a man who persecuted Jews, and never met Jesus. Paul was a false prophet to the teachings of Yahusha(Jesus). Jesus taught and followed Torah law. Paul did away with the law and incorrectly taught salvation by faith. He was also a pagan and that’s why his books are filled with so much mysticism. Not even Jesus disciples, who lived with him, agreed with Paul. 

The New Testament books were written centuries after his death. The Greeks tampered with the NT writings. You can only accept things that CONFORM/CONFIRM the Hebrew Scriptures(Old Testament). Read every Jesus word as he never claimed Godhood. He prayed to YAH. 

Esau is Rome and head of Christianity, Catholics, Islam. The greatest con to steal Israel chosen children. Africans in diaspora are the true 12 tribes and will awaken to this truth as per Ezekiel 37. 

There’s only one true Elohiym(God) and YAH is His Holy Name. Pray to YAH as praying to Jesus is Mystery Babylon. Israel is cursed for disobedience to Torah law. Read Deuteronomy 28. Everyone is involved in this effort to be the chosen. Trust no one but the Torah. The Great Black Hebrew Awakening. Israel will be saved and those that follow Torah law. 

Silence Speaks logo .JPG



Lord, I thank you for my life, health, and strength. Thank you for your saving grace and mercy, for your love every day. I ask you to come into my heart, mind, and soul. Allow your Omnipotent Presence to always be in my life. I confess my sins and depart from sin. I confess my mistakes and shortcomings. I pray for forgiveness and for me to forgive myself and others. I ask these things in Jesus’ name. 

Thank you for your grace and mercy

For the opportunity to engage a new day

Regulate my fray with your moral rose

Speak life to my time

Every second, every minute, every hour, every year

I’m loving each moment, the journey of my career

With each challenge

My faith, may you strengthen

The chords of my success

May you lengthen 

Let my works inspire all

To increase their faith

Do right

Stand tall

God spoke and said,

“You are the head and not the tail. With me you shall not fail”

So, I ask you Lord, Bless my son, my family, and my friends. Bless all your children

From the beginning of time

Until the end

Rain down from heaven


Healing prayer .jpg

My Daily Prayer


Gods’ Grace and Mercy

Saw me

God’s Plan of Purpose

I made it 

Love is the way, truth, and the light

I thank God for my life

Lord, I give my all to thee

You’ll be the one who sets me free

And my heart and soul say, yes

Lord, prepare my heart 

So that I can serve you

Lord, heal my soul and make me complete

Lord, I’m available to you

Use me as you will

I submit my will to your will

 Lord, I give my all to thee

Lord, set my soul free from all wicked ways

Make me completely yours

This is my humble prayer

I pray for forgiveness of my sins, short-comings, failures, and mistakes 

Lord, keep me in your love

Your Love Liberates

I belong to You

I will be what and who you created me to be

More than a conqueror

In all things, I give you thanks

I thank you for my life 

Keep me in your love


Love Liberates transparent IMG_2022.PNG

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ. Without discussing Who he was, do a simple exercise. 

Google Serapis, Mithra, and Cesare Borgia and compare to the picture of Jesus. Then, read 1 Maccabees 3:48, which is a verse that WARNS about this. If they lied about this, what else? Read on. 

Study the words credited to Jesus in NT, compare to the words of Paul, then compare Hebrew books. Then, read Enoch 104:10-13, which WARNS about scriptures being changed by the heathens. The Greeks invented the New Testament.  The truth will come out just as scriptures confirm in verses 12-13. 

Then, study Constantine and the rise of the Roman Empire, which lead to the Council of Nicea where Yahusha name was changed to Jesus Christ, the Trinity doctrine and church creed created, Sabbath changed to Sunday for sun worship, and Roman law to force converts to Christianity under penalty of death. 

For Black Muslims, study the Arab slave trade and colonialism which led to forced converts to Islam under penalty of death. This predates Christian colonialism. 

Then, study the Book of Daniel. Learn the 4 kingdoms that rule before YAH comes. Rome is the last beast to rule and is home to Christianity, Catholics, and Islam. Rome sits on 7 hills and rules 10 kings. This is all scriptures and all confirms Mystery Babylon. America is Babylon and “Egypt/Assyria” in last day scriptures. Scriptures confirm both will fall. 

Then, Enoch Apocalypse of Weeks(Enoch 91-95). Then, read Isaiah 29:10, Ezekiel 37, and Deuteronomy 28

After this exercise, my hope is that you see the ERRORS in the ways of man and teachings. 

Another revealing exercise is to read the Hebrew books(OT) and compare to living history and you’ll see ALL CONFIRMS. Then, do the same with NT/Greek Scriptures and you’ll see Nothing Confirms to living history. 

Silence Speaks TranpaIMG_2020.PNG

If You Will Just Believe


Mommies and Daddies 

Look at Your Children and Believe 

That they can be Anyone they wish to

If given love and nurture from the moment they breathe 

A Lawyer, a Doctor, a Farmer picking an apple tree

A Congressman, a Senator, even the President 

If You would just believe 

Teach them how to go after their dreams

Show them that they’re beautiful even if it seems

That their beauty is only something that only a mother can see

If you would just believe 

Your children are creatures of love 

Gifts sent from heaven up above 

If you would just believe 

Your children are wrapped with talents deep inside 

Dreams sail upon rivers, hopes ride the tide

If you would just believe 

Your children will embrace fellow man as a team

If you would just believe 

Your children will live Life as a Dream 

If You Would Just Believe 

Your Children Will Be All That They Can Be 

The Children Are Our Future

Copyright 2021 Gian Michael Simmons



·      I am the Yahuah your Yahuah Elohiym. You shall not have strange Elohiym before me. You shall not make to thyself any graven thing; nor the likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things that are in the waters under the earth. You shall not adore them nor serve them.

·      You shall not take the name of the Yahuah your Elohiym in vain.

·      Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.

·      Honor your father and your mother.

·      You shall not kill.

·      You shall not commit adultery.

·      You shall not steal.

·      You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

·      You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.

·      You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.


(also review Deuteronomy curses and blessings)

Note: Moses did reveal additional laws and commandments. A commandment is a law of YAH that all must comply with or be cursed. I encourage you to study the complete laws of YAH. There are 613 laws, not all are for everyone. The 10 commandments are the general summary laws all must obey.


I Am Gian Michael Simmons




A child of darkness

Thought so much

Became light

Birthed in the seas of eternity

Journeying the galaxy as Stars

Thoughts morphed into matter 

I am the Word

Prophetic Thoughts

Product of the original thought form

Creatures of darkness

Shining as light forms

Spectacles of light

Star Dust

Breaking forth from the darkness


Into the seas of space


Illuminated thoughts

Having the crystallized experience of life

The illustrations of the voice within

If the darkness 

Seized to think

Would the light fail to shine?

Through darkness

Came forth light

Light is the illumination of darkness

The darkness within


Because the darkness thought

Gian Michael Simmons


A Son



















Copyright 2021 Gian Michael Simmons

Gov Cuomo .JPG

Spoken Word


Listen up. Listen up

Listen up

I have been doing this for a very long time 

Grab a seat, a pencil, and some paper

I recommend you heed to my advice. Now, not later 

Pardon Me

Is there a doctor in the house?

My words are so iLL, they’ll make you sIcK to your stomach 

Try to figure me out, I’ll leave your mind S


                     A    T

                   I   N















Booby trapped minds

Mystical pictured frames 

Can you trust your eyes?

Are your thoughts the same?

Don’t believe what you see?

Pick up a dictionary 

Become a student 

Study my words 

Strip down those words from characters

Get into those mathematics 

I’m a mathematician 

You See

Mysteries of the stillness of tranquility 

Surrounded by dreams of fertility 

Engulfed in the equilibrium of matters of the soul                                               

Dreams morphed into characters                                                                     

Secrets of the soul, clothed in royal purple blues, engulfed the tongue                     

Migrated and manifested from quiet thoughts and into spoken words                   

Words kinetically undulating                                               

Escaping trapped souls                                                         

Landing on tongues                      

Spoken into Existence                                                                                                                                          

Dancing to the engagements of characters                            

To form the essence of Spoken Word

Copyright 2021 Gian Michael Simmons

My condolences .jpg



Deep in the stillness of your heart

Love will take you where the winds don’t blow

Cradled in your soul, the love you and your loved one shared will glow 

If you search deep inside, you will find your loved one. That, I know 

They’re never far, they’re always near 

It is in your heart, you’ll find them, don’t you fear

May you find healing to your pain. May you see your loved one, day and night, so clear 

May love draw you close to to your loved one, ever so near 

Tears and joys may fill your days

Thoughts of your loved one will never fade 

 Always remember that love never dies

Stand tall, my brother, my sister, may love wipe away weary eyes

When you look into the mirror, you shall see your loved one in victorious glory

When you feel your heartbeat, embrace love’s story 

You are a product of love’s imagination morphed into matter

Your loved one is a part of you

That will, forever, be 

So, I pray that moons be bright 

In dark shadows of midnight 

May love carry you into the Light 

And hold you arms wide tight 

This is my prayer for you, my brother, my sister 

May love lead you home

Find Peace 

My Condolences 

Copyright 2021 Gian Michael Simmons

How you see the world .jpg

Mind Control


We must understand the power of the mind

We speak many things into existence

Thoughts, Feelings, Sickness


It masks the tongue

Manifests through spoken word

Quiet thoughts


What you were thinking and feeling

You now become

Sick, Tired, Frustrated, Depressed, Lost


The mind cannot decipher

All of your thoughts and pondering

It produces fruits from the seeds you plant

This becomes your garden

The Secret Garden

This is how roses grow from concrete

Discipline your thoughts

If you feel sick

Doesn’t mean that you are sick

Train your mind 

Caution your tongue

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Mind Control 

Copyright 2021 Gian Michael Simmons

coverggggg Paperback V5.jpg

Life's Garden


Life is like one big garden

Seeds are planted

The fertilization process occurs

The tilling

The soil







Everything grows



For things to progress

Advance with the movement of time

Everything has a moment to live

A moment to die

To every time, there is a season

To every season, there is a time

A time to live

A time to die

Don’t get lost 


Distracted by why?

Always keep pressing forward






Your Life’s Garden

@Gian Michael Simmons

Thanks .JPG

The President


Sitting here at an executive board meeting

We have a big event coming up

A show

I gathered the team together

For some reason

My secretary keeps dragging the meeting

She needs to speak with me


I think that she wants to blow

She puts so much into her mouth

She always has something to say

Basic chick

Chasing fashion and fame


She’s all about that dough

I’m about to wrap up this meeting

I need to take her backstage

To my house

I need to touch and sow

A seed

Last time that she came to my house

We started to make cookies


Speeding fast down south

She put a lot of love into those cookies

We sold every one of them at the bake sale

We can finally fund the event


Secretary baking at home with the President

Just the parks

The prizes

Being the President

@Gian Michael Simmons

coverggggg Paperback V5.jpg

Thank You

My Mother

My Father

My Son





Uncle Johnny

Uncle Joon

Uncle Fred

Aunt Liza

Dawn Gatewood Daniels

Joyce Shaw

Aunt Debbie

Aunt Estelle



Ms. Williams

Ms. Gafford

Coach Jackson

Coach Bowles

Connie Hill

Lynn Parker

Ms. Rhoda

Lilly Hodge

James Cook Sr.

Kwame Ture

Dr. Sonia Sanchez

Chuck D

Professor Griff

Saul Williams



Jay Z

Maya Angelou

Coretta Scott King

John Lewis

Al Sharpton

The Late-Governor Mario Cuomo

Horizons on the Hudson

South Junior High 

Newburgh Free Academy

University at Albany



Dr. Carson Carr

Maritza Martinez

Monica Hope

Dr. Arthur Eve

Dr. Allen Ballard

Dr. Marcia Sutherland

Dr. James Turner

Carl Martin

Chief Wiley

Karen Hitchcock

James Dollefeld

Scott Birge

Jenifer Anderson

John Murphy

Derek Westbrook

Clemmie Harris

EOP Family

Gave me love



They shattered doors

Passed the keys

So, that I may be free


Provided by






Grant Money

Binor Faison

Bruce White

Haywood Brown

Jermel Royal

Darren Dillard

Varney Gonda

Anu Flippin

J Black

The Dillards

The Bests

Trevon Gray

Derek Mitchell

James Clark

James McNelis

Jamar Cokley

Cornelius Moore


Student Association

Faculty and Staff

Department of State

State of New York

United States of America








Grant Money

Gian Simmons for President

Rasheem Rooke

Steadman Sampson

Chuck Snell



Derek Luke

Kevin Mason



Kyle Bollar


Ekow King

Charles Rogers

John Murphy

Scott Birge

Dr. Craig Hancock


Ronald Edmundson

Kevin Davis

Big Lou


Davie Clunie

Omar Torres

Big O

Hakeem Dolphin

Greg Miller

Allen Blunt

Student Groups



Edmund Dorsey

Kareen Hommen

Syreena Arnold

Valentina Hourin


18 Crew

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Silence Speaks Multi-Volume Series

Gian Michael Simmons

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Silence Speaks is a Multi-Book-Volume Series, over 100 pages in each volume, to connect you with time, space, and the Universal Consciousness and God. It is the demonstration of the power of nature, the sun, and the moon. I began writing on one full moon, gazed into the sun, bathed in Love’s waters, filled my cup, and released on the next full moon. Four full books and every minor detail, along with business obligations, family commitments, and other various projects. 

Silence Speaks is a message from the future in present tense. Each book takes you through the journey of the Voice that speaks in silence through the Universal Consciousness. Every point in time and space are connected as One through the Universal Consciousness. Silence Speaks is a message from the heavenly stars to mankind and a message from our future self to our present self. It is a message that has been silenced for over 2,000 years, heard millions of years into the future, and the voice of millions of angels. It is a call from Love. 

It is a collection of transcripts with the silent Voice in poetic and artistic form of expression. It is the language of the stars communicated in this level of third density. To garner the ability to hear and understand this silent Voice, one must have a pure heart, raise your vibrational frequency, and connect to the All. Silence Speaks is about becoming aware, searching your life, searching your soul, rebirth, and awakening your mind to the call from Love. Answer the call because Love is The All. Wake up and hear the call. 

Love is the strongest force known to man. It is the most quintessential and fundamental ingredient for any natural being and organism to properly function. Love is a characteristic of the brave and strong. Love should be your sword and shield. Put love in all things. Love conquers all things. It is never defeated. Love is the core root value of our very existence. We were created by Love and built with a soul to carry the Spirit of Love. Thus, I say, “When you feel your heartbeat, embrace love’s story. You are a product of Love morphed into this state of matter”. 

I feel that true love is the answer to solve the problems of man. Only true love can really make a difference. The assignment has been placed upon me to remind us of the hope, to enlarge our hearts, purify our life, to stretch out the tents and habitations of love, and to fill desolate hearts with pure love. We can do it and only through real love.

Love is calling. Thus, we must return to a state of individual oneness and raise our levels of consciousness. Everything started from One, gained individuality, and must return to a state of individual Oneness. 

The time has come for us to seek a higher truth other than faith. The attainment of true consciousness is paramount to our survival as a species.

This is a pivotal moment in the journey of time. Earth stands at a time of crisis stemming from violence, crime, pollution, inequalities, racism, prejudice, spiritual decline, and the loss of hope and real love. The basis of all life is love. Void of it, man has accepted destructive, deadly, and divisive ways; labeled it human nature. In fact, there is nothing in our true nature that is human. We are spiritual creatures of love sharing a material and human experience. 

Because of our spiritual decline and loss of true love, man has declined in its status with the universe. Man’s rightful place is to be connected in Oneness with the stars. Also, many have lost their ability to hear and communicate with this silent Voice. 

Life is journey. To complete the journey of one and return to a state of Oneness, one must have the ability to communicate with the Voice that speaks in silence.

Greetings, Peace, Love, Bountiful, and Victorious Blessings. It brings me great pleasure and honor to introduce myself to the world. My name is Gian Michael Simmons. I will be your host of this new and exciting journey. I must state that what I present to you is directly from the Voice that speaks in silence. Although I penned the records, it was this silent Voice that I credit for writing Silence Speaks through me. I submitted myself fully to this Voice that speaks in silence and guards the throne of Love. 

I give honor, thanks, and gratitude to The Almighty for the opportunity to lead this global movement and for the fortuity to speak to the world about this global calling to spiritual rebirth, leadership, excellence, achievements, financial empowerment, financial education, financial literacy, fiscal responsibility, social responsibility, love, music, faith, and unity. To save planet Earth as we join together in Oneness. True Consciousness.

As I center myself into the Oneness of our ancestry shade, the true character and nobility of the King of Hearts, I am very fortunate to be able to speak with many people from all over the world, all walks of life, ages, cultures, ethnicities, classes, species, and our universe. To walk in Divine purpose and dedication to life and love, we must live and love in real time and not after our time. We must have a pure heart and realize that we are creatures of love. We must commit our life’s journey to actions of love, purpose, faith, fulfillments of self-actualization, and progression for the survival of mankind and planet Earth. Live, Love, and Walk in Purpose in real time and not after your time. 

Fire in my belly

I can’t sleep

When I quiet the noise

The universe speaks to me

Sounds that would bewilder the common mind

Channeling of unspoken wisdom

The unfolding of time

The conclave with the Father

Nurtured by Mother

Who promised you tomorrow?

Silence Speaks 

Gian Michael Simmons is a seeker of higher knowledge, truth, and love. I am excited to announce the release of my poetry collection, Silence Speaks. With this project, I engaged in an ancient form of communication and artistic style. During the journey of time, knowledge was transferred first in silence before it manifested to the tongue. Most spoken knowledge is for the profane and true knowledge resides in silence, mathematical characters, nature, the language of the stars and planets, and creative artistic communication styles that the enlightened can decipher. The purpose for me writing Silence Speaks is to encourage others to engage in more effective styles of communication and to remind us of the Voice that speaks in silence. 

Welcome to the Many Volumes of Silence Speaks

Welcome to the Voice that Speaks in Silence

The Sounds From The Silent Tone Of Love

The Melodies from Heaven

A Message For All Earthlings

Third Level Of Density


I report

Unedited from the Voice that Speaks in Silence



From the Voice to Silence

Fertilized Through Love

Synthesized through the

Silent Tone

Mother Nature

To Universal Consciousness

To my Higher Self

To my Individual Collective State of Oneness

Escaping Trapped Thoughts 

Conquering Minds

 To Characters Manifesting The Tongue

Communicating Through Technology



I report

I walk in the Light of Life and Love

I was bathed in Love’s Waters 

I am on a mission from Love

The Throne

The Silent Tone

I Speak Life

I Speak Love

I Speak Oneness 

Welcome To Love’s Unconquered Throne

My Love Abides in the presence of the people and in the Unification Process of Oneness

I am just a vessel 

From Love

The journey of man

From One to the Self

Through Love 

Through Time

Back To One

One Love

Universal Consciousness 

I stand in Life

I stand in Love 

As One

I come in Peace

I walk in Love

My Light is so Bright

Your actions wear a glove

I don’t give warning signs

Mother naturally moves





Think about it

She’s quite fantastic

She’s been screaming so loud

Recycling mental plastic

Get your acts together

Really can’t stand it

We need to save Earth

The planet


Each Other

There are a few things that you know

That I may not

There are Many things that I know

That you’ll never know

I read the truths beyond your heaven

Shattering seals that you can’t break

I broke the chains

Read the Holy Word

Books you can’t even read

Let alone open

Too busy waiting for the Black Messiah

Not realizing

I came from beyond a star

Higher spiritual domains

I’m color blind

It’s all love

We’re all the same

I dropped into matter

Birthed on Earth

To Save Mother Earth

Study very hard

Bring your wisest serpents

Conjure your spirits


You’ll never figure me out

Let alone Mother

You’ll never fully understand




All Day

I’ll leave you thinking




If you think that you scare me

If you think you figured me out

You are sadly mistaken

A crop circle 

Prophesized my coming

Birthed in the Waters


The Moon by my side

The inner sun shining its bright light

I Feel


I rule my heart and my fears

The Holy 3

The Sacred 7

Love’s Perfection

I’m a shiny pearl

I transmute anything negative

Fill it with pure love

Bring all into perfect harmony

Male and Female

I’m solid as a rock

The Sacred Cancer

Bonded with Gemini

Traveling through Aquarius

Enlightened through Pisces 

Speeding through the House of 12

My comet hit a secret planet

I must not say

Many have forgotten

Free energy to the Hyperboloid

Made a cross

Formed a T

My spirit traveled through Mars

Reflected off the moon 

As I journeyed through space

Traveling through the seas

My assignment is Planet Earth

I descended down the ladder

Maintained Oneness with the Spirit

My Spaceship Landed

Third Level


I conquered Saturn’s Rings

I left my sounds there 

Just to make you think

I came to Earth 

To warn you

The waters will rise

Your kitchen sink


You must be prepared

Time moves fast

Before you blink

Be prepared for time moves like a lion 

Be prepared for time moves through the paths

Be prepared for the time falls before you

Be prepared

Don’t fear


Let go


Be clear

Hold On

Be Strong

A Brighter Day Will Come

It Won’t Be Long

Spread Your Heart And Love Somebody

As One

I dove deep into the waters

I gathered living waters

Be sure to fill your cup


Don’t be silent


Share a Tree

Silence Speaks 

Penned in Four Volumes


Silence Speaks is a four-volume book series of hope, love, motivation, strength and character, wisdom, and unity. It's a book of consciousness and love engaging in the exercise of poetic expression. Silence Speaks will be released on Monday, April 26, 2021 and available in 4 volumes. Volume One (Life), Volume Two (Love), Volume Three (The Gospels), and Volume Four (The Motivation). Additional information may be found at

Copyright 2021 Gian Michael Simmons

Legal Disclaimer: All the writings and works on this website are protected by Copyright. No contents may be used without the express written permission from the content owner. All inquiries and interested parties shall contact the copyright owner for permission to use any of the materials on this website. By viewing this information, you agree to not copy, disseminate, distribute, or record any information on this site without permission of the owner. 

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Silence Speaks

April 26, 2021


Humbly submitted and released into this earthly realm, sacred and powerful messages echoing from eternity, through the ages, speaking unconditional love. Love that’s anchored on the sacred, eternal and undying faith, not just faith in a higher power, but true consciousness; Oneness. Since the universal consciousness exists outside of space and time, everything in space and time are connected. Nothing is divided or separated. We must, thus, return to this state of individual Oneness to discover that, with love, all things are possible. 

We must examine the things that divide us, such as privilege and return to the self-made man and woman. By self-made men, I mean precisely what the phrase imparts to the popular mind. They are the men who, without the ordinary help and favoring circumstances which usually distinguish and promote success, have risen, in one way or another and attained knowledge, wisdom, power, position, and fame in the world. 

They are the men who owe very little to birth, relationships, or friendly surroundings. They have neither had the advantage of wealth inherited, nor early training, nor approved means of education. Like the overtaxed Hebrew slaves of Egypt, they have been required to make bricks without straw. They are the men and women who have come up, not only without the voluntary aid and assistance of society, but often in open, direct and derisive defiance of all powers and efforts of society to obstruct, repress, and keep them down. They were purposed into creation to love, inspire, motivate, build, engineer and stretch out the curtains of man’s habitations and usher mankind into the very cradle of embracing our Divine Purpose, Rights, and Gifts as Eternal Sons and Daughters of Love; hence, created by Love to afford mankind with the powers and abilities to experience life abundantly and navigate the endless fountains of living waters which flows out of the hearts of true believers. 

They are the men that time couldn't defeat or trap. They mastered their skills, talents, and abilities to soar like Eagles and embrace realms of existence whereby time is timeless. In a world of schools, colleges, and other institutions of learning, they have been compelled to obtain education out of fire, air, earth, and water. In a peculiar sense, they are indebted to themselves for themselves and are architects of their own fortunes. Creatures of Love, thereby inheriting the true powers of love to be creators and sustainers of Life. If they have traveled far, they have made the road on which they traveled. If they have ascended high, they have built their own ladder. Flying, without wings, like eagles soaring beyond earthly realms and heights.  Questing without bounds. Seeking and Finding.

They are the men who come from fathomless social depths and have burst the social strata that bound them; like roses that grew from concrete and not wounded or defeated by the thorns masked behind the beauty of the rose pedals. From the cornfield, the plow, and the workbench, from the heartless pavements of large and over crowded cities, barefoot, hungry, and friendless, out of the depths, obscurity, darkness, and destitution, they have come. Flung overboard in the midnight storm, on a perilous ocean, without oars, ropes, or life-preservers, they have bravely buffeted the frowning billows with their own sinewy arms, and have risen in safety, where other men, supplied with the best appliances, have fainted, despaired and gone down. 

Such men as these, whether we find them in one position or another, whether in the college or in the factory, whether professors or plowmen, whether of Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-African origin, are self-made men, and have fairly won that title, and what honor soever that title implies. 

We stand at a time where we must find love. I am certain, however, if the people are provided with more pure water, enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins, they will be afforded with the opportunity to regain the substance and inner-strengths to deter from their destructive and deadly ways and chose to embrace love. Man’s purpose is to stretch out their curtains and tents of their habitations, strengthening the stakes, and filling desolate cities, nations, and hearts with the strongest elements known to man; that being Love and Water, uncontaminated and abundantly flowing with living water and not still-water that emits horrible scents like the rotten meat from the many dreams deferred. We need more substantive efforts and more attempts to bring Love back to her rightful place in the hearts, minds, and actions of the people. Questing without bounds, seeking and we shall find, knocking and doors will be opened and we shall find Love perched on the very fire escapes of people's souls. Souls so wounded and battered to, whereby, they have pledged lives anchored on fears, ignorance, and destruction. It's said that the house is where the heart resides, thus we say a house is a heart of love. People so wounded, hearts so heavily accumulated and polluted with toxicity, souls carrying the frozen and heavy load arriving at an existence whereby people are living lives far less-than what we were created and purposed to live. So heavily soiled in fears, doubts, hurts, and pains that they are so afraid to enter their own homes. That they are, in essence, living on the fire escapes of their souls; living partial, if any, real living life or living palliatively. Forgotten that the cold and broken still have a hallelujah. 

Yes, Love, herself can be saved and it's not too late to parachute her back into the hearts and souls of the living dead. For this day shall we proclaim the return of Love in the fullness, beauty, and true joy of her warm embrace. This day, shall, living waters flow abundantly out the hearts and bellies of the renewed souls that rise and awaken with a new song, a new joy, a renewed commitment to chose Love and Life. And, to accept that they are the head and not the tail. My brothers, my sisters anointed in the many colors and charms the rainbow radiates reminding us of the covenant that we have with Love. We are the very rainbow in sky of Love. Man be healed, delivered, and set free. Not someday, not one day, but Today. All Day. All Day. All the Glory, Honor, and Praise belongs to the Almighty and only the mistakes are ours. Consigning this message to our earthly remains. Sealing it with the Love of the Almighty and the Blood that flows from man to man.  Let us see love and marvel at her beauty; the sun that radiates and rises with each stride of her step and as she smiles upon us may we continue to share the water that she bathes us with. May we wash away every harmful waste and accumulation of anything toxic. May we deal one great death blow to this destruction man has embraced and may we LOVE LIVE LOVE.

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