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Gian Michael Simmons YAH Bless




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Repent. Seek ye the kingdom of heaven is at hand YAH holds the keys to salvation



Gian Michael Simmons Productions

HA’MASIACH OF ISRAEL, be sure to bookmark and become a free member at



I am on a mission to bring truth, order, and justice to this world as we are in the last days and only judgement remains. It is inconceivable and foolish to know we are in the last days and not repent as how can you really expect salvation void of any acts of repentance and a pure heart. Scriptures confirming scriptures. Take lots of notes. Also, all my videos have different subject matters even though all are long. None are the same information. Important to note. So, you need to view them all fully. Pardon my energy level, I work nonstop over 18 hours every day for years and SOLELY FOR ISRAEL AND YAHWEH.


I must first state that I am in oneness with our Creator YAHWEH Elohiym. If you’re aware that we’re living in last days and if you studied scriptures, you should be expecting someone to appear. 


If you really study your bibles and especially the Hebrew scriptures and if you see with your eyes and hear with your ears, you will find me written in your very bible that you have been studying your entire life and calling yourself holy people not really being holy and righteous.


You may reference verses Genesis 3:15 and Enoch 46 and Enoch 62 and Isaiah 11 and over 500 more. I’m no Jesus.Additionally, you must know that all world history and religion are lies sold by Esau-Rome, their trinity of the Vatican pope, fake queen in Britain, and those fake jews in Jerusalem Israel. They represent the last beast ruling Earth. 


For that you may reference Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 and Daniel 9. Additionally, I broke the matrix of the system. I know all their secrets of the world and religion. I was working a successful 19-year career as a high-net-worth Wealth financial advisor and made more money than most of you will ever make or dream of. I retired 9 months ago just to save you since we are in the last days. The 9 is another 7. The 7 brings things looped into completion. The number 6 is sin. Sin is bought to completion on the 6th day, and we have Sabbath on the 7th or Jubilee Salvation. 6 plus 7 equals 13. 13 is the messianic number and the secret number to balance the solar and lunar calendars. 




The 13th Secret Month



That’s why I was born on the summer solstice in those Tropics of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. I’m a Cancer. Numbers Holy 3 and Perfect 7. Those are holy numbers birthed in the waters and one with the source of all things, 10.


I am a holy messenger and much of what I share will go over most people heads. For that, reference Deuteronomy 28 and Isaiah 29:10 and Enoch 91-94.



The 9 is another 7. The 7 brings things looped into completion. The number 6 is sin. Sin is bought to completion on the 6th day, and we have sabbath on the 7th or jubilee salvation. 6 plus 7 equals 13. 13 is the messianic number and the secret number to balance the solar and lunar calendars. That’s why I was born on the summer solstice in those tropics of cancer and tropic of Capricorn. I’m a cancer. Numbers Lucky 3 and Holy 7, the Perfect 10, one with YAHWEH in the 10th dimension. Those are holy numbers birthed in the waters and one with the source of all things. I am a holy messenger and much of what I share will go over most people heads. For that, reference Deuteronomy 28 and Isaiah 29:10 and Enoch 91-94, Hosea 4:6, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Proverbs 3:5-6. 


Additionally, I am a student of both Hebrew and Greek scriptures. I also learned all the religions and histories of the world.


Gian Michael Simmons



Gian is a man of YAH and walks with YAH in all his ways. He is a single father to Isaiah. Seven months ago, Gian retired from a 19-year Wall Street career to focus on the works of YAH.


Gian attained his bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany, where he served as a student president for over three years.


Gian was the first college graduate in his family. He was proud of the opportunity to encourage others. He was a very active student-leader and he served as President for three consecutive years and received the President’s Undergraduate Leadership Award, the highest prestigious recognition, for each of those years. During Gian’s freshman year, he wrote and directed a play and filled the audience. He donated the proceeds to a local charity. This would become the event that would land Gian the office of presidency. During his leader- ship at Albany, Gian galvanized the students and leaders, had many landmark events, and left a historical lasting impact felt throughout generations of students, past and current. Gian always committed his life’s mission to developing relationships, creativity, leadership, diversity and equality, community service, philanthropy, and being a seeker of the kingdom of heaven.


During Gian’s leadership years at the University at Albany, he represented the students with leaders such as the Late- Coretta Scott King, the- Late Betty Shabazz, Hillary Clinton, the Late-Congressman John Lewis, the Late- Maya Angelou, Dr. Sonia Sanchez, Saul Williams, Chuck D, Professor Griff, Tommy Hilfiger, the Late- Dr. Carson Carr Jr., Dr. Marcia Sutherland, Dr. James Turner, Cornel West, Jay Z, Diddy, Wyclef Jean, just to name a  few. Gian is very talented, loves to create, and rise in leadership. In college, Gian planned many events. One event that he’s most proud about is founding the first Capital District Hip Hop Conference attended by many from all over the world. Gian wrote the blueprint for the 3-day conference, which included several events such as workshops, keynote speakers, panel discussions, poetry event, hip hop show and party, dinners, and fashion show. Gian enjoys being a leader and providing opportunities of progressive growth for man and equal opportunity.


Gian has always remained an active member in his community. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and writing. He also loves to cook. At a young age, Gian would ask his mother to





buy him books instead of toys. His favorite book was the Bible and dictionary and he loved to learn new words daily. Gian has been writing from a very young age and enjoys exercising various writing styles. His dream is to write movies. Gian enjoys being a student of the engagements of words and characters. Writing has always been a hobby for Gian. Gian is a student of wisdom, knowledge, and a seeker of higher truths. Gian enjoys maintaining an intimate relationship with YAHWEH, as one of the most unique creatures on the planet, being the Son of YAHWEH. Gian enjoys reading the Hebrew Scriptures and Cepher, studying text and verses, learning from the parables and stories, the threshing floor of prayers, learning obedience and the laws of YAH, studying the prophets, the promise of YAH and allowing the text to clothe himself as coats of skin and armor of protection. Gian has always heard the calling and enjoys walking with YAH.


Since discovering the identity of the Children of YAH, Gian has a deep passion to educate others of true knowledge of YAH. Gian is a voice crying in the wilderness to reveal the errors in our ways to get us to repent. He wishes for none of us to perish, but for each of us to examine ourselves, depart from evil, and turn to YAH. Turn your hearts to the Father Creator, YAH.


Gian is also excited to announce the start the foundations of his non-profit organization called “Love Liberates Inc. Nonprofit”. A portion of this book’s proceeds will   go to help start this charitable project that he’s very excited about. The mission of Love Liberates is to restore the hopes and joys of life, to motivate and encourage others, to fostermentorship, meditation group, inner city community services, and homeless outreach.


Gian also created a social media website with full-service features for a safe place for people to fellowship, join groups and network, learn new things, expand in wisdom and under- standing, be entertained with engaging writings, blogs, and podcasts, shop with free world- wide shipping, and more. Keep in mind that if you see the name Jesus mentioned, itis reference to Yahusha and to target Hebrews list in Christianity. Its usage does not indicate the false character of Esau-Rome’s Jesus. 

Join me on Facebook Groups: Silence Speaks Black Hebrews and Hebrew Israelites


You may find Gian Michael Simmons Productions and Love Liberates Non- Profit at and follow Gian’s social media pages for updates. Gian can be found @GianMichaelSimmons on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress and @GianMSimmons on Twitter. Stay tuned!


Gian Michael Simmons



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Amazon Author Page:

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For more information on Gian Michael Simmons Productions, projects, groups, writing and poetry samples, and Love Liberates Inc. Nonprofit. Also on the website, over 200 products including clothing, coats, face masks, posters, hats, bags, and more! Member Reward Program for points on spending, member coupons, and Free WorldwideShipping. By joining, you receive a one-time use 20% off coupon to use for online shopping. Keep in mind that all product descriptions relating to “Jesus” on my online shopping store must be updated. 


Gian is also working on a subscription-based podcast channel, newsletter, and expanding social media groups and podcasts. Everything from faith, poetry, music, teaching essential skills, financial literacy, events, networking, and more. Stay tuned.


You may become a member of my  personal  website  for  exclusive-member  content and download the free Spaces by Wix app for a personalized experience.




Transforming my Facebook group page. The page is currently called “Silence Speaks Black Hebrews and Hebrew Israelites” currently 2,400 members. Search in Facebook groups. The name of Jesus is being used to target Hebrews lost in Christianity and its usage does not implies the actual character of Ha’Mashiach. I will be updating the name in the future. I will also be updating my page for Hebrews.


My personal website is www. I am a professional Hebrew Author and leader. The only true living YAH. For all YAH lovers, share your favorite Bible scriptures, prayers, lessons, songs, and stories. If you need prayer, share your prayer request. If you are a pastor, share your ministry. If you are a Hebrew author or artist, share your works. Share your testimonies to bear witness to the power of YAH. All positive vibes for Hebrews.





I encourage active participation on my Facebook group. All can submit posts. All can add new members. Share the love. Bear with me as I clean up my page and update.


All can add new members, share posts, post, comment, and network. Follow @ GianMichaelSimmons on LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook page, Instagram, WordHub     and

@GianMSimmons on Twitter. Over 100,000 Followers and Growing. Published author


Gian Michael Simmons



Gian Michael Simmons Productions

Amazon Author Page:


Silence Speaks and Love Liberates Media Kit


The purpose of me establishing the Silence Speaks and Love Liberates Media Kit is to share some love, recognize your leadership, commitment to the service of the works of YAH, and to solicit your support behind this major movementof YAH: Silence Speaks and Love Liberates.


Thank you for your love, service, and dedication. I admire your generosity for ser- vice to the works of YAH. The examples from your leadership helped to inspire me to join in solidarity and oneness as we seek to do the work of YAH.


As a fellow leader for the progression of man, I would like to solicit your support on this exciting project and movement of love. The current crisis on Earth and the magnitude of this message warrants the call for higher levels of leadership and representation. This is a heavenly message for man in our desperate time of need.


The journey begins with a major movement: businesses and writing projects and accumulates into my nonprofit, community service, online businesses, and various projects to prepare the youth of today and to speak to the hearts of all generations of man.


It brings me great pleasure to introduce myself and announce Gian Michael Simmons Productions, a professionalbusiness conglomerate doing the works of YAH. I will be writ- ing books, movies, series, novels, music, and other forms of expression. I also built a social media website and app to include all functions as any social media site for the public. I also have a motivational and financial empowerment blog, newsletter, and full podcast lineup.


My movements are called Silence Speaks and Love Liberates

Revelations, Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed



  1. Have you ever sought a higher truth in YAH?

  2. Have you ever wondered why am I here, on Earth?





  1. Have you ever wondered if the Earth were a sphere or flat?

  2. Have you ever questioned what you were taught and believe?

    1. Are you struggling with issues stemming from the flesh?

  3. Do you seek a higher purpose and a reason to live greater than yourself?

    1. Have you ever wondered how you can connect with YAH?


The Time Has Come To Seek A Higher Truth Other Than Faith Faith Without Works Is Dead


The movement has begun! Silence Speaks Love Liberates and now Revelations, Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed. DAY OF YAHWEH. 


Silence Speaks and Love Liberates are movements combined with business projects and followed by a Multi-Book-Volume Series, over 100 pages in each volume, to connect you with YAH.


The series are designed for one to read in any order, as each multi-dimensional book has a different focus matterof discussion and f lows with the overall theme of Silence Speaks and Love Liberates. For committed and advanced readers, you may read the series in the order as follows as each following volume presents a journey to YAHWEH and additional aroma to the feature books, which are highlight books for all readers. The feature book for Gian Michael Simmons Productions is “Revelations, Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed” AND “DAY OF YAHWEH”. I would highly suggest that all to read this volume. Again, all books may be read in any order. The focus and contents of each book may be found in each book description. Additionally, all projects are described in mission statements.


Repent. Seek ye the kingdom of heaven is at hand YAH holds the keys to salvation


Available on Amazon books, Apple Books, Barnes and Nobles on Paperback and E-Book versions. E-Books also on my website


Revelations, Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed AND DAY OF YAHWEH  - FEATURE


Gian Michael Simmons



Amazon Author Page:




Gian Michael Simmons walks with YAH and is a seeker of higher knowledge, truth, and love.





  • All Books are priced in a manner to allow one to purchase the entire set of public works. I am a self-publisher who retired, invested my resources, fighting the system to save you!



  • All volumes are available for purchase on Amazon books, Apple books, Barnes and Nobles, and by directly on my website. I am also selling auto- graphed copies of all volumes. I accept CashApp, Zelle, and PayPal.Secured payments.

  • Leave   book   reviews   on   Amazon   books,  Apple   books,   and     www.

  • Post pictures with books and share my posts/videos and your picture posts on social





  • Be sure to SHOP!  - Join for rewards and coupons


Click the “Shopping link” at www.GIANMICHAELSIMMONS.COM


1. Join and be an active site member and help grow the site. New members receive 20% off coupon single-use and reward points for every dollar spent.





To prepare you for the journey of Silence Speaks and Love Liberates, I added over 200 products on my website in conjunction with my projects. Men’s, women’s, kids clothing, and other products with free worldwide shopping. Face Masks, Hats, hoodies, shirts, tees, bathing suits, bags, posters, baby clothing, home products, phone cases, and more. All kids clothing has been discounted. All proceeds will go to help fund my Love Liberates Inc. Nonprofit. Also, all new members receive a new member discount and coupons.


Love Liberates Inc. Nonprofit will focus on youth mentorship, leadership, and homeless outreach. More information to follow. Stay Tuned!


Also, blog, nonprofit, music, and podcast lineup coming soon. Download the Spaces by Wix app and become a member for a personalized experience


o            Visit

  • Buy your copy wherever books are sold. Gian can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook   Group,   Instagram@   GianMichaelSimmons  and @GMSimmons on Twitter. My personal website is:


Featured on my website will be poetry, clothing and apparel, merchandise, accessories with free worldwide shipping. I will also have blogs: motivation, personal development, teaching of essential skills, and financial wellness. I will alsobe adding a subscription-based podcast lineup. As a member, you can interact with the site as any social media platform with an app and website versions. You may create profiles, posts, comments, and more.


I also started Love Liberates Non-Profit, which will also be featured on my website. Love Liberates Inc. will focus on youth mentorship to prepare the youth, ages 16-21, for personal and career development. We will also do homeless outreach. I will have a podcast, teaching of YAH, essential skills, scholarships, and monthly newsletter coming soon.


  • I am currently looking for board members and mentors


Gian Michael Simmons



  • I am also looking for professionals, from various industries, to host podcasts teaching essential skills and having important conversations. I paid the expenses of the platform and am offering you a chance to have a free channel. It canalso be good exposure to your brand. I currently have over 100,000 social media followers and growing.


v If you’re interested in becoming a board member, hosting a podcast, being a mentor, or purchasing a bookdirectly through my self-publish- ing company, feel free to contact me by email, at



v I am also interested in interviews, podcasts, events, programming, and any

positive synergies to collaborate. I’m interested in bringing this to radio, podcasts, and developing music,video, and audiobooks. This is a message that needs to be heard around the planet and rejoiced in theheavens.


It would be an honor to receive your support and to visit my website to learn more about myself and this very important mission. Join my website as a free member and set up your profile today. As a businessperson, we all are aware of the metrics that companies assess us with on social media, such as comments, likes, shares. Trust me, I do not do this forpersonal attention and/or fame. I have enough of that to pass around. So, be sure to be visible and active in your support. If you’re not capable of supporting personally, perhaps you may refer me to one who does support the works of YAH. As children of YAH, we must also display an example to encourage others. I appreciate all your love and support. I do this for YOU. My life is to do the work of YAH. SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF THE GOOD NEWS! YAH FORGIVES AND SAVES! REPENT. DAY OF YAHWEH.


I appreciate your time and attention. I look forward to your support. Have a pleasant day

Gian Michael Simmons

Gian Michael Simmons Productions Website: Email:

Amazon Author Page:

About: About

Website of Gian Michael Simmons Productions

Published Author

Welcome to the official website of Gian Michael Simmons Productions. As a prolific Author, their mission in life is to tell stories of all kinds. Take a look through the site to find everything from their latest work to past projects.

Gian Michael Simmons Productions has always been enthusiastic about great projects, and are privileged to have turned their passion into a thriving career.

Join to participate in blogs, forums, events, workshops, groups, podcast lineup, videos, networking, teaching essential skills, financial empowerment blog, motivation blog, updates, and more. Download the free "Spaces by Wix" app on Apple and Android devices for a personalized experience. Over 200 clothing products with free worldwide shipping. Be sure to click "Shopping" on the Menu. 

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