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Welcome Message by Gian Michael Simmons

Gian Michael Simmons Productions has always been enthusiastic about great projects, and are privileged to have turned their passion into a thriving career.

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Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed

The Word of YAH declares that in the last days that every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess, and revelations of the mystery of YAH would be complete. The Word states that only the pure in heart shall see YAH. This is a result of the purification process of a pure heart that has seen YAH to shine the pure light of righteousness on darkness to speak life and love.  

Revelations: Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed is about bringing you into complete knowledge of YAH and YAH’s plan for salvation. This is a special edition for the Chosen Children of YAH, The 12 Tribes of Israel. This is an extensive historical and bible study guide packed with scriptures and factual history. This book is for all students of Hebrews, Jews, religion, history, African and African American history. I acknowledge that the source of all information is the King James Bible, Cepher, older translations, and YAH. 

In this project, we dig deep into the mysteries of YAH from the creation all the way to the coming judgement day. Leaving no stone unturned, the Word of YAH is presented as a complete study guide for all students of the Word and history. Some topics include the creation story, the fall of man, Hebrew cosmology, the Children of Israel, identification of the 12 Tribes of Israel and history, Ha’Mashiach a.k.a. Messiah, Jesus, bible stories and lessons, Torah and law, hidden sciences and mysteries, and repentance and salvation. Revelations exposing many hidden mysteries and secrets to allow for an opportunity of repentance as we must be born again into the Spirit of YAH. The Coming of Ha’Mashiach and time to be saved is now. This book will prepare you for the kingdom of heaven and awaken you to knowledge of your hell. REPENT. The proper ways of YAH and Hebrews are presented along with laws, math, and calendars. Call on YAH, Blessed be His Holy Name. Gian Michael Simmons Productions online at

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Silence Speaks: Groups


When you begin to feel as if you have all the answers, you have none. When you place judgements and restrictions on the nature of truth, you limit and restrict your ability to perceive that which is beyond your "box", your level of understanding. My efforts are to get you out of the box and into the seas of reality. Many of you are trapped inside of the box. I'm here to provide you the air and waters of freedom. 

We are moving at a dangerous speed in society. Our children are moving much faster than we were. The vibrations that they are receiving are much too fast for their comprehension. This is mainly in music and technology. 

I am also deeply concerned about our future as the children are our future. Few children can sit still long enough for a few minutes. Few actually read and study. Almost none can step away from technology for even a second. Very few are using technology for spiritual, financial and personal advancement. 

Our children are being absorbed in this high vibrational frequency with dangerous levels of radiation. Here’s the thing, there’s something about the stars that are telling me that our children are under attack because of their aged souls here on earth. Yes, some of your children may be much OLDER than you. We must find a way to get our children to read, meditate, fast, eat healthy diets, lead healthy lifestyles, make progressive choices, caution their inner circles snd friends, and engage in spiritual enlightenment. To think business minded. 

What I would advise is for them to dig deep inside and meditate daily. To sun and moon gaze often and daily. To put down technology and pick up a book. To develop and maintain an entrepreneurial mindset. To set goals and raise standards. Not follow standards. To read the Bible daily.  This is the generation of CHANGE. 

Those in power KNOW THIS. That’s why we have so much drugs, gangs, homosexuality, technology, and demonic distractions. This generation is UNDER ATTACK and, sadly, FEW KNOW THIS! You need to and you MUST not force your beliefs on your children. Let them decide for themselves. In fact, they may have higher levels of consciousness than you. They may be able to tap into higher levels of density and reach the source. You can learn a lot from your children. DO NOT approach them with the slave mentality we’ve been taught. Have more of an engaging interaction with them. Get them to create things. To build things. To invent. To study. To challenge their minds. They are the ANSWER to the problems of this world. They may even be your leaders depending on your level of consciousness. Remember, Alexander the Great conquered much of the world before he turned 21!

Your children are closer to the SOURCE than you are because they have not established judgements, which restrict your ability to see outside of the box. This is what false religion does. It places you into boxes and you’re not able to see outside the created box to see the reality of things. You only see what they want you to see.

To address the demand of need for youth leadership and community development, I am starting a full podcast and group lineup. I will do my part to ensure that WE have a future on Earth or whatever planet we may arrive. 

The groups will include:

1. Book club - bi-monthly 30 minute Zoom calls to discuss the book of the month. After the calls, we will break into groups. The groups will be mens, women, and youth. The groups will discuss topics from the monthly featured book. The group calls will be 30 minutes. The topics will include, but not limited to, health, fitness and wellbeing, spirituality, fitness, geometry, chemistry, alchemy, astrology, Black history, quantum physics, research, finance, and personal development. 

2. Meditation Group: Weekly Meditation 30 minute Zoom call

3. Fitness Group: Starting a local fitness club and would invite you to join me in your area. 

4.Podcast lineup: music, sports, fashion, arts, teaching of essential skills, financial empowerment, networking, mentoring, and more. Stay tuned. 

5. Book Creation Services: You have content and don't know what to do with it? You have ideas but don't know where to start? You started writing and haven't been able to finish your first book? You haven't self-published before? You want to be an entrepreneur?  Good news! I will be soon offering services for other self-publishers. Products will include, but not limited to, artwork, formatting, design, fonts, fleurons, KDP, Apple Books, Barnes and Nobles paperback and Ebook, Cover and trims. Flyers, and more. Very professional and quick turnaround production time with edits after review. Stay tuned. 

6: Silence Speaks: Thoughts - When I get into the silence, sounds that will bewilder the untrained mind. The channeling of unspoken wisdom, the unfolding of time. Thoughts that will mesmerize you, intoxicate you as you seek higher truth, and pass you some water as you fill spiritual cups. 


To Sign Up, click the bottom of the page to join and become a member. You may download the free "Spaces by Wix " app for a personalized experience. 

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Silence Seaks and Love Liberates

Gian Michael Simmons Productions 

Silence Speaks Series

Love Liberates Series 

Available on Amazon books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Amazon Author Page and to Purchase:

Gian Michael Simmons Productions is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, blogs, shopping with free worldwide shipping, and more!

Story of my life 


With over 100,000 followers and growing

Money chases me 

Troubles in the waters 

Joys to the soul 

Music is my company 

They know that I’m faithful 

It kills them inside 

To know that I’m a God 

Trapped in the waters 


I don’t know where to begin 

So much poetry in my life 

The story never ends 

You can only know me so much 

Even as a friend 

It kills them that they don’t understand this guy 

Silence Speaks

Love Liberates

I want to help you get your stories told! Let your Silence Speaks!

Gian Michael Simmons Productions is a full service self-publishing company. As a self-publisher, I offer full book creation services to get your books published to Amazon books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobles on paperback and ebook formats. If you're a struggling author, I can assist with mentorship and coaching. Flexible arrangements can be accommodated. 

All interested parties should contact me at Be sure to include some detailed information of your request so that I can assist you effectively. I will review your request and contact you for a follow-up. 

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