4/14/22 - Our children and the future

We are moving at a dangerous speed in society. Our children are moving much faster than we were. So fast that they’re out of touch with reality.

Presenting chaos, The vibrations that they are receiving are much too fast for their comprehension. This is in heavily coded music and technology. They are out of order and far removed from YAH.

They spend more time out of the world, trapped in technology, than they do in the world(things of YAH/TORAH). The real world is that of the Creator and they are dead to the knowledge of self and YAH.

I am also deeply concerned about our future as the children are our future. Few children can sit still long enough for a few minutes. Few actually read and study. Almost none can step away from technology for even a second. Very few are using technology for spiritual, financial, and personal advancement. Few realize that 5G can rewrite DNA.

Our children are being absorbed in this high vibrational frequency with dangerous levels of radiation. Here’s the thing, the stars report this is a generation of CHANGE.

Get into proper spiritual alignment.

That change must start with turning to the Creator/YAH with our whole heart, mind, body, soul, and time.

We must find a way to get our children to read, meditate, fast, eat healthy diets, lead healthy lifestyles, make progressive choices, Set goals, think business minded, caution their inner circles and friends, and engage in spiritual enlightenment by studying the TORAH. Communicate with your children. Turn to YAH.

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