4/17/22 Easter and Passover and Christian facts - All Christians read

The first commandment is to have no other Elohiym(God) other then worshipping the Father, YAH.

The celebration of Easter originated in a pagan god named Ishtar. Fertility goddess hence the eggs. This predates Christianity by many centuries. Easter became a pagan Christian holiday at the Council of Nicea, along with Christmas. The same Constantine council that made Jesus into a God and renamed the historical character of Yahusha. Mixed in Druid god Hesus with Indian god Krishna(Christ in Sanskrit). Hence, Jesus Christ centuries after his death)

He also added Trinity doctrine and changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday to honor his pagan sun god. The true Sabbath is Saturday. Honor the true Sabbath.

The date was changed to attack the Hebrew Passover and worship of the Creator.

After the Celebration of the first Passover, the Exodus story begins as the children of Israel are led through the wilderness and into the promised land.

They would experience 40 years in the wilderness because of their sins, YAH ensured that a new generation of Hebrews would enter the promised land with Joshua, since the Exodus Hebrews fell into idol worship. The promised land was inhabited by Canaan, who lost it due to his sin with Noah. Israel conquers the promised land fulfilling prophecy.

Abraham, the father of Hebrews and friend of YAH was to be a light to the world by teaching the ways of YAH. A message of honoring the Creator and monotheism. The children of Israel were chosen by YAH to be a holy nation to teach the ways of YAH. Romans 9:4.

The foundation of Israel is the Torah Law, which YAH gave to Moses. Historical character Yahusha Ben Yosef (a.k.a. Jesus) was a Hebrew rabbi that taught the TORAH law and worshipped the Father YAH. Yet, Paul founded Christianity, made Jesus a God, and founded Christianity with a new gospel and a new God mixed with paganism. He was a false prophet of Yahusha(Jesus) and created a slave religion originally called the Pauline gospel. Later name changed to Christianity.

In Hosea, it says that my people perish because they don’t accept knowledge. We also perish when we disobey the Torah law by worshipping pagans. Torah law are the books of Genesis through Deuteronomy.

All Blacks should read Deuteronomy 28. It will awaken you to truth of identity and our current curse of deep sleep. Ezekiel dry bones must rise to truth.

Before you celebrate and shout, think about it and suffer not your soul to sin and eternal damnation. Judgement day is coming.

We are judged on the law. Torah law never dies. Even Jesus observed and taught Torah law. Jeremiah 31, Torah law will be enforced in heaven on Earth.

Honor the Creator as He is the only way to be saved. YAH (YAHWEH) is His Holy Name. Read Isaiah 43:11. The only name that saves is YAH.

Stayed tuned. Major Bible and historical book releasing soon. I’m updating all previous books based on the apocalypse. It’s time for Revelations.

Mystery Babylon at its finest.

All blacks read Deuteronomy 28.

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