4/27/22 Wednesday Wisdom- Light up the Darkness

The sad reality is not people that are afraid of the dark, but it’s people who fear the light.

The light of righteousness is our only beacon of hope to solve the problems of man. Only truth and righteousness can really make a difference.

Walking in darkness has many perils and blind obstacles lead to an erosion of the spirit. Because we are creatures of the spirit having a human experience, we wrestle against princes and principalities. It takes a spiritual rebirth in truth and righteousness to put on the full armor of YAH.

By studying your Torah and obeying the Torah law, you shine light on the darkness of sin.

YAH is a Elohiym of Righteousness and wish for none of us to perish, but for us to repent, depart from evil, and follow in holiness.

We are afraid of the absence of physical light, but rarely understand the lack of spiritual truths yields grosser levels of darkness and uncertainty. This is the current state of man.

Whatever you are in, you can get out of by shining the light of your Torah over all aspects of your life. Be the change that you wish to see in the world and shine bright!

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