4/30/22 Sabbath - More Black Hebrew history

My thoughts about the Exodus are that YAH used the gathering of Israel for Egyptian slavery as a method to introduce Himself to the new generation. Remember, all of the forefathers that knew YAH had died.

Just as our 2nd Exodus will proclaim YAH to the entire world, as the only true Elohiym(God) and Savior, and bring salvation to Israel (blacks in the diaspora and those that cleave Torah law).

There rose a generation which knew not YAH. Salvation from Egyptian bondage was a way for the Most High to reveal Himself through Moses. After 430 years in slavery, the children were led to freedom and the Promised land. Bible history repeats as Ha’Mashiach(Messiah) will do this again for 2nd and final Exodus during last days as we leave spiritual Egypt (the Americas) and reclaim the Promised land for eternity.

Moses gave Israel the Torah Law and called earth and heaven as a witness that Israel had a choice of life or death. Obeying Torah law led to blessings. Disobedience led to curses, the same curses we are experiencing today as dispersed Africans in the Diaspora. Our forefathers and selfs disobey(ed) Torah law, which is everlasting.

Ha’Mashiach will fulfill Jeremiah 31 and Torah law will be known and obeyed.

Through the Hebrew prophets, YAH proclaimed salvation to true Israel in the last days. It is during this time that all will awaken to the truth of self and YAH, turning to YAH with your whole heart, mind, body, soul, and time. Obeying Torah law, we can RECLAIM A STOLEN IDENTITY as YAH’s Chosen Children of Israel and Ezekiel 37 valley of dry bones will speak life to the true Nation of Israel reborn in the spirit of truth. Black Hebrews, the light of the world as YAH’s servants and covenant keepers.

Honor the Sabbath and keep it holy. YAH’S true Sabbath is Saturday. The Sabbath was changed to worship pagans. Study what happened at Council of Nicea and Constantine(Sabbath changed, Jesus made a God, Trinity created, Christianity religion as law under penalty of death).

LEARN your TRUE history. YOUR LIFE AND SOUL DEPENDS ON THIS! I want us all to be saved! That’s how much I love.

STUDY and OBEY Torah law, holy days, and commandments.

The apocalypse is coming soon. New book, Revelations. This project will focus on biblical and historical truths, study guides, identifying true Israel, the mysteries of the Most High, unlocking/decoding Jesus, black history, last day prophecies, Torah law and salvation metrics/requirements. Stay tuned. Enoch 104:10-13.


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