5/1/22 The Bible is a African Book- more facts


In search of our true origins beyond world secrets, I Studied the Bible, which is a African Book, and Black history.

During my research on the chosen children of YAH, I made a significant revelation that triangulates with the Arab/Trans Atlantic Slave trades and Africans in the Americas(US) and West Africa.

Israel was once a prosperous nation and possessed the Promised land, Jerusalem. Blacks are the real Bible Hebrews(12 tribes of Israel, YAH Chosen people) who disobeyed Torah Law and became cursed/punished until Ha’Mashiach (Messiah) come in our age to bring us back to the Promised land. Deuteronomy 28. We are now Ezekiel 37 dry bones who are experiencing the Great Awakening of Truth.

Did you know? The final dispersement, After the destruction of the Second Temple 70 A.D., most Black Hebrews left Jerusalem and fled into West Africa to avoid Roman persecution and forced conversion into Christianity and Islam.

In West Africa, They founded empires and lived there affluently for 1,500 years before Christian slave colonizers invaded Africa in the 1500s, forced converted Black Hebrews and shipped Black Hebrews off to slavery in the Americas, where WE still are TODAY. Many are not aware they’re Black Hebrews and they’re still serving slave gods.

Did you know? Even today, MANY West African tribes have religion/customs similar to Hebrews. Many are not even aware of this coincidence that our West African ancestors and family are still honoring our Creator, YAH(YAHWEH). Study Hebrewism in West Africa, where MOST of America’s slaves came from. YOUR ROOTS!

Did you know? They still honor Torah law and the true Sabbath as Saturday and Abrahamic circumcision laws, Hebrew Scriptures, and YAH.


My people perish for lack of knowledge. Take some time to get true knowledge of self and YAH. Also, know we are at WAR as the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. KNOW THE TRUE SIGNS OF THE TIMES. The governments and religion are at war with you, secretly. Salvation comes by CALLING ON YAH. Isaiah 45:17-19.

New book coming soon, Revelations. Stay tuned. www.gianmichaelsimmons.com

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