5/15/22 Signs of the Times

The key to life is to understand the signs of the times, which places things in the proper context. With the correct perspective, you can make correct choices in life. This is the mission of my latest book, Revelations: Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed to present an extensive study guide to teach the proper perspectives. Be sure to get your copy TODAY on Amazon books and Barnes and Nobles. Most topics of life are addressed and last day prophecies.

Life is like a stock and The temperature is rising into unknown and uncharted territory because man has bottled up truths. instead of addressing reality, we created an artificial way of feeling good about living lies. But, truth remains and the Word of YAH stands.

Human life and experiences are approaching a bubble. Because much is bottled in a hidden keg, the sell off will be a frenzy. This market crash and volatility will be experienced in all areas of life. The human inflation will lead to a deep market crash that may never recover. It will also give air to the new world to breeze in from the four corners of the earth. Human life as we know it is approaching the end. This doesn’t mean that human life will end. It simply means that our human ways of living are ending. Corruption will spring forth what can’t be corrupted

So don’t fear the end. Embrace the beginning of life.

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Have a good weekend

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