Sowing seeds of Righteousness.

Some encouragement for those studying history and reading books. Racism is so sad and it’ll make you not want to read. But, you MUST. To get truth, we have to read racist books and decipher through the hurtful and ignorant contracting words. When I first read a book, I look at the published date. This helps me to identify the times when it was penned and realize that they didn’t have recent archeological findings available to them. So, you have to always read between the words. This is why everyone should study and WRITE UNBIASED BOOKS.

Also, artifacts were changed by conquerors who were evil and racist. When reading, focus on the story behind the story and not what is said. Truth always reveals itself even amongst corruption. Which brings me to my last points. The writers of the Bible were MEN and corrupted the text. It doesn’t discount the Bible. One must read truth behind the allegories to identify the historical reality mixed with mythology. So, study your Bible, DAILY. Regardless of distorted paintings, the oldest bones speak of ancient black life. Archeology and science also confirms the oldest skeletons being unearthed are black and Adam was of the black soil. I’m no racist. I say this for those who don’t study and fall victim to white supremacy. History has been RE-written and the power knows, which is why much is held hostage at the British Museum and Vatican, where no public eyes sees. Everything public is corrupted.

In short, forgive historians for their ignorance but never stop studying and reading between lines. The strongest weapon you can have is KNOWLEDGE. Then, your mouth spits fire and swords.

I read 17+ hours a day/7 days a week because I KNOW whats coming. I read Hundreds of books a month for YEARS. All sides of stories. So, my knowledge is dangerously superhuman. I disseminate in stages of curriculum because truth is so much for those who don’t read.

Everyone must holster your pride for the Most High wouldn’t send a Black Messiah to save the world if blacks are cursed and nothing. So, White Jew, white man, get rid of racism because you, too, have a Black Messiah and it’s not Jesus. There’s only one coming from YAH and He is Black and coming to save the world from evil. World War 3 is COMING!

White Jews helped during Civil Rights. But, NOW WE MUST COME TOGETHER AS ONE.

Those who hate blacks will now be forced to love that which you hate IF you are to be saved and worldwide numbers of whites are declining. The ONLY SALVATION COMES FROM THE MOST HIGH. YOU CANNOT WIN WITHOUT US AND WE WILL NOT ACCEPT SLAVERY AND RACISM. The hated becomes the loved and only through the love of YAH.

If we don’t conquer love, we ALL PERISH.


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Information is fluid. Additional books for progressing curriculum coming soon. So, closely follow. Have a forgivingly loving day.

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