5/4/22 Financial Tips and Last days

Before Ha’Mashiach(Messiah) appears, the spirit of Elijah is raised as Elijah represents fearless faith and obedience to YAH. He also NEVER dies.

The weapons of the enemy are ignorance and FEAR. You CANNOT be saved and be fearful at the same time.

Since this is a capitalistic culture where money is a god, I want to share some financial tips in efforts that you are financially prepared to escape FEAR.

STOP selling out and getting paid through phony LAWSUITS. That’s how Illumatti pays off people! And own you!

No matter what you do, you will NEVER acquire the American dream. The system is designed for FAILURE, FEAR and CONTROL.

Everyone should have an emergency fund of at least 3-6 months living expenses held in cash. Begin to cut expenses and curb all unnecessary spending. The goal is to increase savings and reduce expenses. Make a written financial plan and set goals.

For investors, note that many firms make more money off your money than you do. Try to find ways to reduce investing costs and hold professionals accountable. Most investors do not read trade confirmations or statements and have NO CLUE of real fees. You should speak with your advisors at least quarterly. Review statements to reduce investment risks and maximize potential. Most advisors invest your money into A or B share mutual funds because they receive high commissions. C shares are FREE if you hold for 1 year. Put ALL grievances in WRITING.

Whole life insurance is NOT for everyone as it’s very expensive. Chances are you can get term life insurance and convert later. Annuities are VERY expensive and are NOT suitable for all investors. They should ONLY be used to maximize an estate or for income purposes in retirement. They are also illiquid and carry high penalties to access and high fees.

For passive investors, consider index funds which are FREE. All stock investors should employ downside risk measures as all markets are grossly inflated and due to fall. COVID and last day prophecies has eliminated any chance of real market recovery. Once the sell off starts, it will be fast and DEEP. Any bull is a false image of reality. Consider some profit taking and investing in COVID defensive sectors. DIVERSIFY!

Strengthen your finances to REDUCE the power of FEAR, as people see money as their savings grace and sellout to devil everyday for a dollar.

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