You will know a fruit from its tree. Study characteristics/symbolism. All these fallen angels are the same person. Hidden slavery of deep sleep curses.

The secret esoteric name of Jesus is Ichthys. This is where you get the fish-god or Dagon, fishermen of men. The fish symbolism in Christianity and NT scriptures. Jesus is hunting you! You also get the same symbolism on the pope hat. The last beast Esau- Rome according to Daniel 2-3. The fish also represents the age of Pisces or mysticism. Jesus represents all the mystic gods. Jesus also represents the criminal apostate age in Enoch 91-94. The opening words of New Testament of Jesus, a new god, new religion, new scriptures, and a new covenant people. Jesus seeks to replace Israel with Esau-Rome for you are simply worshipping Zeus, Mithra, Horus, Pan, Serapis and crew. Furthermore, Jesus represents Israel’s JACOBS TROUBLE of Israel experiencing Deuteronomy curses and Isaiah 29:10 deep sleep, Enoch 104:10-14 and 1 Maccabees 3:48 - heathen wrote himself into scriptures under fictitious stories. And we lost 2/3rds Israel through the fire transmuted into gold. A remnant shall be saved, US! Our 400 year slavery Abrahamic promise is fulfilled. America and Babylon is being judged as we speak. All during Israel’s 2022 Jubilee year. OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE SALVATION IS NEAR!

Isn’t it amazing how nature and the Hebrew prophecies are being fulfilled. Nature is showing us signs and a major planetary alignment. SUPER-MOONS AND THE SOLSTICE. The 12 waters of Baruch, we are at the end of the last 12th stage for consummation of this age and for the 2nd half of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel. Our 2nd exodus is COMING TO A LAND NEAR YOU!

Note to Christians, sacrifices for sin will resume according to Ezekiel, even atonement and Levites will be reinstalled. So, Jesus is not the lamb of God. Hope you’ve been following my videos and posts. We are also in the age of Aquarius which dispels the illusions and mysticism of Pisces. The Age of Enlightenment calls for you to REPENT. COME OUT OF MYSTERY BABYLON.

All throughout Hebrew Scriptures, the Torah law is stressed as a necessary element to salvation. In fact, we are to return to the law to be saved as per Deuteronomy 30.

According to Isaiah 45:5-7, there is NO GOD OTHER THAN YAHWEH. That’s ALL I REPRESENT. TO BE CLEAR. Let those scriptures be clear for you. The God of our forefathers is YAHWEH.

Deuteronomy 6:4, 4:35, 30:20, Deuteronomy 28 ALL READ. Isaiah 44:21-22.

Jeremiah 31, Ezekiel 35-48 remains unfulfilled, along with 2nd exodus Hebrew Scriptures and YAH doesn’t change. So, ask yourself how is there a so called New Testament and new covenant when the old is still in effect. And why did they replace Israel? Beware of false prophets including Jesus and all New Testament made up characters stolen from Greeks and Egyptians.

In short, Jesus is the curse of deep sleep to get you to forget about your covenant with YAHWEH. The 10 commandments are the basics all should FOLLOW TO GET SALVATION. There’s also feast and holy days, learning Hebrew, studying Hebrew Scriptures, fasting, circumcision of heart and physical etc. THE ONLY WAY TO OVERPOWER THE DEVILS IS TO RETURN TO THE CREATOR, YAHWEH. The devils only power is to tempt you. Study book of Job. Study 1-4 Maccabees as this was the start of Jacobs trouble. Jesus was the criminal gentile age that’s coming to an end. WE ARE AT THE END. ONLY JUDGEMENT AND OUR EXODUS REMAINS.

The Torah law is the stone that the builders rejected and it is become the chief cornerstone. YOUR ONLY SALVATION IS THE TORAH.

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