6/15/22 Message to all blacks and whites

WE MUST DO BETTER AS A HUE-MAN FAMILY. REPENT. LOVE. We must stop being silent to injustice as it is a threat to justice.

Just like racist whites created AIDS virus to steal black Africa. Genocide.

Don’t believe those authors and pawns of the system. See with your eyes and hear with your ears.

To be clear, white supremacy is Blinding the true history of Earth and man. We all have a false sense of self and worth. Racists swapped The true history and flipped the tables. Blacks are the true chosen children (Ham/Shem) according to the Bible. MY MAIN SOURCE. Then, melonin, archeology, science, DNA, mummies, ancient maps, coins, stone, scrolls, etc. The pyramids are great because NO WHITE is inside a pyramid. They’re all black. Also Israel is all black.

It’s 2022, to get our history we must read books authored by racists and filter misinformation because blacks FAIL TO AUTHOR OUR HISTORY. We must stop relying on our enemy to educate us.

When reading from ancient authors we must always be aware of the disease of white supremacy and how it clouds the mind from truth. Interesting, how whites seek to be worshipped as gods so badly. For that, my question is why can white only create white? Why do they lack melonin and ability to spiritual advance? A science fact. Why is black the source of all colors and the black race having more chakra spiritual centers than whites. Why did YAH make sure no whites were mixed with His chosen? Why didn’t YAH deal with whites?

Whites loves to source Osiris which is a Greek theft of a black African Aset, Asur, Heru. We all know Ptolemy wanted to be worshipped as god even through Zeus or Jesus. Why are white mummies only thousands of years old? While black mummies are much older? Why are no whites buried in the pyramids? Why haven’t they built more pyramids during their rule with white supremacy?

Even the Bible paints a picture of a black superior race and chosen people. No Japheth or Esau to be clear. It’s just sad that authors do not give proper credit to blacks. And for the record, I don’t know any white man that civilized anything. Did you study the black moors? Black olmecs? Black Mayans? Black Aztecs? Black Mu Atlantis and Lumeria. Black Hebrews.

My caution to all readers is to take the information and convert it to your own understanding of current archeology and common sense. I just wished whites weren’t so racist and then claim to be godly and civilized in the same breath. This is why society is declining and not advancing. Another reason why Esau is the end of the world and Jacob/Israel is the world to come forever as per 2 Esdras 6:9. God only hates one seed in the Bible and that’s Esau. Just saying.

Enoch 104:10-14 proclaims that the heathen will write himself into history and scriptures. The latter end of the scriptures declare that to the righteous will be given books of wisdom.

I am encouraging ALL BLACK AUTHORS TO WRITE UNBIASED BOOKS TO SHED LIGHT ON OUR TRUE HISTORY. It’s so sad to see so many racists flood academia and authorship, all secretly financed by Satan. That’s why your kids don’t like school.

I must speak racially to prepare all for what is to come according to scriptures. Racist whites must be humbled and blacks must engulf pride.


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