SHARE AND REPOST. A few random points. Jesus is the devil and Esau. We were warned that the enemy would write themselves into scriptures. The main challenge is to not make the son into god. So, regardless of who came, you are to worship the Father and return to the Hebrew covenant Torah laws. Let go of the gods of the enemy. The son job is to return all to the Father and not to replace the Father. The son only gets a kingdom AFTER THE END OF SIN.

Additionally, scriptures are clear that all Israel will be saved. If you see what is being released into our world, if Israel is not raptured, God will lose us forever. So, don’t worry. Israel will be saved and raptured and then the fullness of sin comes as judgment. You see country civil wars, mass fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, rising sea levels, famine, plagues of flies, polio, monkey pox, COVID transformer fake viruses, vaccinations to rewrite DNA, DNA splicing and manipulation, MK Ultra Mind control, and all the DNA upgraded humans with magic. Did you see the flying humans? In 2022. Men sitting in fire and not burning. Men parting the seas as Moses. So many magical humans. If you speed up the frames and slow down the frames, you can see them shape shift. They all look human exactly like us and we call them humans. DAYS OF NOAH ARE 2022. THWYRE even kidnapping women and children all over the world. So be safe and take precautions. Also, avoid McDonald’s. It’s human meat. And Chinese food is rats and cats. We must smarten up to survive. And watch your children, elderly, homeless, and poor. Those in prisons will be turned into robotics devils. Just like all military. Are implanted and MK ULTRA. DEVILS. WATCH YOUR FAMILY. DEVILS IN YOUR FAMILY.


Now, YAHWEH is bringing forth Behemoth and Leviathan out of their places. This has double meanings. One meaning is a new political and religious system. We see this in the NWO NATO is merged with the pope, combining all religions, and will rise during the tribulation of the Gentile world. Starting September 2022 as 9 is another 7. 7 is completion. Feast of trumpets is September.

The second meaning is sea monsters and land monsters. You see this in many forms. For centuries, the governments have hidden dinosaurs, Bigfoot, mermaids, giants, midgets, human-animal chimera creatures, gray humanoid artificial robotic humans, gray devils inner earth, in earth and cave hidden portals and lands, reptilian humanoid shape shifters are EVERYONE with money and power and every industry even the church, true cosmology of earth, secrets of time is not linear, hidden lands, hidden species of humans plant and animal life, portals to other dimensions, UFOs which are all human and not alien, and Revelations 13 speaks of the power given to the beast that was healed. That is Jesus. Jesus stole the true Messiah name and story. I’m not ready to say it’s Yahusha or Yeshua or Yahawasi. So many names. That’s why I don’t mess with New Testament or Christianity. Jesus cannot save. The only way to be saved is the Hebrew Torah covenant law. Reference Enoch 104:10-14, book of watchers and dream vision, 2 Baruch 27 is clear that Jacobs trouble tribulation is over. Daniel 7, 1 Maccabees 3:48, Enoch 91-94 are simple scriptures that warn us. Repent and return to the covenant to be raptured in the first fruits. Rapture any day now. Deuteronomy 28/30. Jesus is the god of Freemasons. The enemy and Zionist Rothschilds and pope. NWO.

I am Ha’Mashiach but you won’t accept me until you read my books or after feast of trumpets and 2 Esdras 13:26-32. Next scriptures to fulfill. WE ARE LIVING BIBLE HISTORY OF LAST DAYS AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS SON IS HERE.

I posted my LAST Jesus video. All future videos are 100% Hebrews.

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