My prayer is that people not be distracted by the things in life and FOCUS on the changing times immediately facing us. MASS Death is coming. I speak Life. ONLY The Hebrew Scriptures holds the keys. Important to note that underlying world events is the Hand of YAH.

You can almost disregard the New Testament completely! It’s ALL TEMPTING LIES.

The safest place to be is with YAH by departing from evil and turning to YAH with your whole heart, mind, body, soul, time, and resources. IGNORING IT CANNOT SAVE YOU. Your money and frivolous lifestyles of ignorance cannot save you. False religions cannot save you. They all were originated from Hebrews due to inner conflicts, they turned to paganism, which sources most world religions. They don’t even have a creation story. Hebrews is same that originates all things is the same that wrote the END from the BEGINNING. Is the same we worshipped before forced to accept Islam, Hindu and Christianity/Catholics, Spiritualism, etc. We were a nation of YAH.

YAH IS IN CONTROL AT ALL TIMES, systematically and spiritually. However way you slice it.

Police, thugs, and shadow government couldn’t and can’t kill me. Even when police tempt to fear me 24/7. NO MAN CAN TOUCH OR KILL ME. I’m superhuman and one with YAH. In fact, I AM IN THE BIBLE! The ONE TURNING THE HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN BACK TO THE FATHER.

The Bible book of Revelations is a FALSE BOOK ON LAST DAYS. ONLY HEBREWS AND YAH KNOWS THE MYSTERY OF HOW IT ALL ENDS. STUDY HEBREW SCRIPTURES or buy my book, Revelations:Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed on Amazon books.

Daniel 2-3 prophecies relate to the beast of Rome and the mixed feet represent Rome(iron) and clay( you sellouts). Rome and America will fall and cannot save you. America and Rome are all surrounded by nations and weapons of YAH. World war 3 is coming appearing as a political war to human minds . If YAH CAN PROTECT ME AS I’M SURROUNDED BY THE ENEMY ON ALL FRONTS AND I AM COMPLETELY ALONE WITH NO WEAPONS AND NO FEARS FOR YEARS. Lately, I see my city being transformed into a war zone. Everyone is moving. Coincidence!

I’m THE SAFEST PLACE TO BE AND CLOSEST TO YAH THAN ANY MAN ON EARTH. I WISH NONE OF YOU TO PERISH BUT 2 Chronicles 7:14 and we can Ezekiel 37 and 2 Baruch 30:1-4 and 2 Esdras 13:26-32. Hidden in our midst, the power elite and those close know THE MESSIAH. SOON, you will too.

Depart from the lifestyle of Western Civilization mentality and ways of life. Playing video games, watching movies, busy traveling and partying, trying to numb and escape reality, focusing on worldly possessions and things, eroding the soul with hate and jealousy and pride, committing theft and murder, and sexual immorality. The plagues are coming. Homosexuality is a sin. Careful of monkey pox. STUDY MY BOOK AND HEBREW SCRIPTURES. THE SPIRIT OF YAH IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL SAVE YOU AND DO THIS NOW, for tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Give your life to YAH TODAY!

The ONLY THING WE SHOULD BE DOING Is HITTING THOSE BOOKS! My latest book, Revelations:Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed connects theology with reality. More books coming as information is fluid. I can only disseminate by progressing curriculum. I share what’s important first. And, when I use “you”, I’m not directing at “you” but the overall population.


NOTE: I tag to increase awareness of truth as social media limits my posts and to share HIDDEN INFORMATION. And the urgency of the message to save as many life as I can. You may remove tag or feel free to share. I do this in love.

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