Bible study tips for beginners and struggling readers

The Bible teaches us to knock and the door will be answered; seek and you shall find.

For people struggling with reading the Bible, I would have you to know that it is an encrypted holy book and each word has many dimensions of meaning. This can make it difficult to interpret, which can lead to frustrations and avoidance. Jesus holds all the keys to unlocking the wisdom of the Bible for Jesus is the Word of God.

How I approach reading the Bible is that I pray and ask for Jesus to read with me. I also exercise extreme focus and concentration. Before reading, get yourself into a quiet place free from distractions. Do a few minutes of slow and deep breathing. You need to be able to hear the voice of God and it’s very silent. God is talking. Always. We just need to be able to hear what he’s saying. He will speak with you as you read his Word. Trust me. He will enjoy teaching his child and appreciate you spending time getting to know Him that created you.

As your reading the Bible, eliminate what you think you know. This will allow you to see the text for what it is and not through the eyes of perception of another experience.

For new and struggling Bible readers, my suggestion is to begin reading the New Testament; starting with the gospels. Once you read the New Testament, read the Old Testament. By reading about Jesus, it will help you to understand the Old Testament and what the prophets were saying. The Bible can be read in any order. Each book references another book. However, focus on reading the books first to completion. You can always go back and read references. You must get the story and the message. Also, fasting helps. Let the Word of God be your food while he feeds you. This will allow for a larger intake of Gods word. A better meal! There’s no greater food than the Word of God. I am living proof.

After Silence Speaks Jesus Saves, I will be releasing a book to break down scriptures to assist beginners. Get into the Word and read the Bible everyday. Me, I read over 18 hours everyday! 7 days a week! I’ll keep sharing Silence Speaks Jesus Saves!





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