Black Hebrews and African Americans 4/21/22

Throwback Thursday, Never forget where you came from and how you got here!

Unlike other migrants to America, Blacks did not arrive here by choice. Read Deuteronomy 28.

After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D., many black Hebrews escaped into Africa. They will remain there until the slave trade began in the 15th century. What history doesn’t teach is that Christians and Christopher Columbus started slavery. In 15th century, Pope Nicholas V issued several papal bulls legalizing and promoting slavery against all who are not Christians.

At that time, Blacks were Hebrews and not Christians. We were the enemy of this new religion of Christianity created by racist men. All we knew was our Creator, YAH. We were forced to accept this new god called Jesus. As per Deuteronomy curses to be forced to serve gods our forefathers didn’t know and of wood and stone.

Also, remember that the Arabs invaded Africa, first and forced Islam. Then, came the Christians and the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

What many don’t teach is that our ancestors tried to keep the Creator’s name for future generations. The slave song, KumbaYAH, literally means “YAH is the name of our Creator”.

Our entire identity was stolen from us and replaced with a racist white new standard.

For the misinformed, I would have you to know that Africa was not some uncivilized land of jungles. We were a highly advanced civilization. Even the Bible attests to this as the entire Bible is an African book. There are no European or Greeks mentioned in the entire Old Testament. Africa had many highly advanced kingdoms spread throughout the continent. So, you come from a people that brought the knowledge of YAH into the world and built, both, Eastern and Western civilizations and history. Even America.

What they don’t teach you is that Christianity was started by a man named Paul and not Yahusha(Jesus). Paul encouraged slavery in his writings. The church exploited the misinterpreted “curse of Canaan”. They don’t tell you that we’re under curses for disobedience to Torah Law. They don’t teach you that we are the chosen children of YAH that’s expected to rule the world, again, and forever.

They don’t teach you Ezekiel 37 Great Black Hebrew awakening. Isaiah means “YAH Saves”. YAH will bring forth salvation when we humble ourselves and turn to Him. Read Genesis through Deuteronomy and learn/follow Torah Law.

We can never have meaningful progress until we have true knowledge of self and YAH. This is a spiritual rebirth process we all must take and teach our children who we really are and not through the lenses of the blind leading the blind. All we know is from Europeans and Christians. Both have proven to be nothing but criminal. The Book of Enoch predicted this centuries ago. The Book of Daniel speaks of the last and fourth beast of Rome. The mixed feet of iron and clay doesn’t mix. Come out of Mystery Babylon and throwback to the Elohiym(a.k.a. God) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. YAH is His Holy Name.

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