In Hosea 4:6, the Most High said, my people perish because they lack knowledge. The deception of religion is that is hides and monopolizes true knowledge of God and immortality of the soul. Wisdom found no place on earth. Coupled with the fact that they replaced WISDOM with BLIND FAITH. This produces theology and not history and often conflicts with archeology. The harsh effects of this bear witness of itself through the fact that PEOPLE DON’T COMMIT THEMSELVES TO DAILY READING, ACTIVE STUDYING, LEARNING HEAVENLY KNOWLEDGE FOR PROGRESSION OF THE SOUL. Public religion traps you in the Matrix of Pharaoh who was made into a God-King that seeks to be worshipped.

Thus, Bible scriptures have TWO MEANINGS. One literal and a secret esoteric hidden meaning which is DIFFERENT from the literal. Layers of dimensional knowledge. Likewise with my writings. Additionally, the Matrix employs all activities of life to sell you lies and distractions. The FEAR produces CHAOS and lack of wisdom. The Logos of Ptolemy was made flesh, John 1:1. And has you trapped in matrix roaming the land of the dead, or wilderness of sin. The PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO GET GOD KNOWLEDGE. Faith should be a driving force not the substance of things not seen. Faith should encourage you to commit yourself to daily acquisition of knowledge to gain IMMORTALITY. Knowledge beyond a literal reading of the Bible. But, decoding the hidden secret meanings and the sciences.

This is what the Messiah will do “in the wilderness”, He will teach us God knowledge , free us from the Bible cherubs blocking the garden of Eden to “usher us to the promised land of immortality” and to true knowledge of self and God. The kingdom of heaven is likened to babies, sons, because kids are like sponges. They absorb information in a righteous childlike unbiased way and they stay focused on the task of being a sponge. Regardless of your religious affiliation, there is only ONE TRUE MESSIAH OF THE WORLD. Regardless of WHO you call the Father, the Messiah will usher us back to the TRUE FATHER. Unfortunately, we have been worshipping “manifestations of the Father”, but not the True Father. THIS IS THE SECRET OF REVELATIONS 3:14. If you see with your eyes and hear with your ears. The Amen.

He will also teach you the secrets of the soul and immortality to restore the kingdom of God on earth. Look to the East. Out of Egypt, God called His firstborn and gave Him His Name, Israel. The last days is a return to the East. A return to the True Father and free you from the laws of Moses. Give you the true law of God. Ending the 3,000 years of world suffering.

To think that the devil of this world would have secrets of immortality in free public religion, you’re making a fool of yourself. I would have you to be wise for the knowledge of good and evil to gain the tree of life and immortality. Freedom from programmed memories. Be sure to become a free member on my website. I’ll be starting weekly Zoom calls and projects to rebuild the nation of God and bring true Knowledge to the masses, worldwide. I need your help. The people need your help. Now.

The future is here in the present in unequally distributed forms. It’s up to YOU/US to gather all the pieces and put the puzzle together bringing the fullness of the future in the present. TENSE.



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