COVID Vacation Idea 1/7/22

COVID Vacation Idea: Grab a Bible. Grace yourself with some aromatherapy and rich fragrance. Supply yourself with some oxygenated water. Relax those tender muscles. Escape the chatter and enjoy some serenity and tranquility.

Tune on YouTube - travel the world beyond your wildest dreams through technology/ From your home: I went to the zoo, aquarium, beaches, underwater adventures, world wonders, and more; enjoying views from all creatures of God. All on YouTube with No COVID risks! All from my home with social distance. We must learn how to Adapt!

I adapted so much to the point I broke the Matrix. Can’t wait to share my next project. It will be unlike anything you ever READ. It will awaken the God in you to see Jesus beyond the veil. In the meantime, be sure to read Silence Speaks Jesus Saves and Silence Speaks Volume Seven to prepare you for REVELATIONS OF JESUS CHRIST.