Exposing the silent and illegal American drug

Ever wonder why things are so addicting.

Unfortunately, the secret powers of Satan have taken desperate measures to spread wickedness, wrath of violence, and the lifestyle of sin. The agenda of the devil is to take as many into eternal damnation and hell. Caution all TV and Music consumers!

The silent drug!

The devil has infiltrated all areas of daily life activities. I have prayed on it and this is where I’m at: There is a dark cloudy spirit that’s infested in the eyes of everyone from entertainers to politicians to leaders/etc. Hollywood Voodoo. Witchcraft and sorcery. I see it in the eyes. Something simple as watching TV or a movie or a music video results in a demon spreading viral, eye to eye, through a dark cloudy film. From your device to your eye to your life.

This immediately translates into chaos and sin. Simple things from cursing, drinking, smoking, sex, money, fame, etc. That’s why they fill TV and music with this so you live it from the seeds they plant.

Extremely dangerous if you lack the Holy Ghost as you won’t notice it or be able to fight it. It’s like a silent “date rape” drug that media and music execs use to enslave and medicate you into a demonic trance. In my opinion, this should be illegal and against the constitution as it takes away your freedom of choice. Against the Bible as it eliminates your free will and goes against the things of God and makes you into a demon, some unknowingly.

They are illegally creating humans and programming them how to think, act, and live as demons.

Deep stuff. Before you tune into something, find out what you’re tuning out of first. There’s always a silent exchange. It’s either of God or against God. Simple as that. Chose wisely!

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