Facts about Jesus and Christianity

Some clarity for the day. YAH(God) didn’t write the Bible and send it to Earth. The only scripture that indicates a direct hand of YAH writing is the 10 Commandments. The Bible was written by men. As men, it contains errors, which you must know how to distinguish truth from myth. And, there’s 2 different/conflicting religions in one Bible.

Inspired by seeking the divine while etymologizing history, the Bible seeks to provide a roadmap to the unknown.

That which is spirit is spirit and what is flesh is flesh. According to Genesis, made before us, Earth was made for man and man was made from Earth. This is our home. We are Earth. We are one with Earth. Our ancestors appreciated this. Destroying Earth, kills yourself and vice versa. Good luck making it to heaven.

Fact is, everyone wants a hero. The Jewish Messiah was expected to be a Warrior Messiah to free world from Rome, conquer earth and bring world peace. Study the words attributed to Jesus. He claimed this is not his world. He didn’t come to judge the world as a Warrior Messiah. He transformed the Hebrew Messiah into a Spiritual Messiah. KNOWING Messiah was only to appear once, He wasn’t concerned with fulfilling Hebrew scriptures to be the Messiah to judge the world, free us from Rome, save the Hebrews/Jews, and bring worldwide peace.

Just as today, Jews/Hebrews are DIVIDED in various sects, so too during Jesus time. According the the gospels, Jesus was a STUDENT of the apocalyptic prophet John the Baptist. Of the priestly lineage, John was the 1st to proclaim the Elijah Calling, “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. John had a larger following than Jesus. They thought John was the Messiah because John did what was expected. John judged the power and baptized Jesus. One could argue John gave Jesus the Holy Ghost and taught Jesus what he knew. Which meant, John had it first to give. Additionally, Jesus, as John’s loyal student, didn’t start his public ministry UNTIL AFTER John was imprisoned and he took John’s followers. Continuing his teachers work, Jesus did the same as John. The miracles were edited into gospels centuries later. On the cross, Jesus felt forsaken and cried out to Eli (John).

Taking from Essenes, Nazerite Jews and Jew Pharisees started Christianity, which evolved into Rome by Constantine. It was a evolution from Judaism. That’s why they rely on Hebrew Scriptures. Rome changed the scriptures to merge in their pagan traditions. This is why FEW things in the New Testament can be trusted and you CANNOT TRUST PASTORS AS THEY ARE TAUGHT THIS TRUTH AND REAL HISTORY IN SEMINARY SCHOOL. THEY DO NOT SHARE WITH PUBLIC. PAID SECRETLY BY ROME, THEY PREACH THEOLOGY, MYTHS NOT HISTORY. PUPPETS FOR ROME. They enemy wants you sleep and pastors are their soldiers. They even blood sacrifice to Rome. Check 3 year payouts. Read my latest book.

Why does Rome hide Jesus birth records? Because it will prove he was not born during 1st century(NT times)AND not born on Christmas, which celebrates the birth of the invisible sun. NT stories are out of historical context of reality. They were inserted at the wrong times. The only fact about Jesus that can be confirmed is Jesus death date. Rome killed Jesus.

Everyone wants a hero. Rome whitewashed history and produced a white Jesus, merging their pagan gods. Blacks did the same. Fact is, Jesus true color reveals what to expect of the Hebrew/Jewish Messiah. He will be black. Unlike Jesus, he will fulfill Hebrew Scriptures.

Other than a few disciples, the others were illiterate common people. No way, any of them authored the New Testament. Education was not same as today. Only FEW could read and write, especially complex stories. All books were written by strangers(Rome). Dates of books, Paul(50CE), Mark(66-69CE), Luke(70-80CE), John(100CE). All made up fables and all revised AGAIN throughout 2nd century. Interestingly, whoever wrote John, also wrote Jesus words. They are exactly the same, Jesus and John.

Unfortunately, I MUST stress this because of the disease of white supremacy and even racism/division amongst Jews and Hebrews, white and black. ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURES AND ARCHEOLOGY, YOUR MESSIAH WILL BE BLACK, Just as the original 12 tribes of Israel. Just as modern Blacks in the Americas. YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE and cannot whitewash YAH or Messiah. It’s impossible. You must know this and accept it, so we can CURE RACISM and not allow the true enemy to win because war is coming and we can’t win divided. War is already here, just unequally distributed. Since you have the financial power living off things you can’t prove, while living our history, I’m calling on white Jews to STEP UP AND SHOW SOME LOVE TO THE REAL 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL, YOUR BLACK BROTHERS, who are experiencing deep sleep and who have a factual history. You made your version of our way of life. Now, let us live our true history. Only the truth and love shall set us free.

We are all various shades of black pigmentation. LET’S HONOR YAH WITH TRUTH AND LOVE.

Pardon my inability to read and respond to messages. A team of support would be good. I’m doing this alone. Reading over 17-20 hours daily. So many layers upon layers of lies and sheets. Hundreds of books a month. This is my life. Trying get as much truth out there as possible. I need Ezekiel 37, dry bones to awaken and HELP ME IN LOVE.


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