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Nice to meet you. I’m Gian Michael Simmons. Aside from being a successful. Financial Advisor, I am also a professional writer. I started Gian Michael Simmons Productions. My major project is Silence Speaks. It’s a call for mankind. Be sure to check it out. Nice to meet you. All books are available on Amazon and Apple Books. It’s a multi-volume poetry collection of love and consciousness. I currently am running a $12.99 Amazon Paperback book sale on all volumes. Books are available on Amazon and Apple Books in ebook and paperback versions.

Volume One: Life

Volume Two: Love

Volume Three: The Gospels

Volume Four: The Motivation

Volume Five: College, The Garden of Life

Volume Six: Burning Trees

I also have over 200 products on my website with free worldwide shipping. Kids clothing, men’s clothing, and women’s clothing. House items and face masks.

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1. Have you ever wondered why am I here, on Earth?

2. 2. Have you ever sought a higher truth other than faith?

3. 3. Have you ever wondered if the Earth were a sphere or flat?

4. 4. Have you ever questioned what you were taught and believe?

5. 5. Have you ever wondered how you can connect with your Higher Self?

6. 6. Are you struggling with issues stemming from the flesh?

7. 7. Do you seek a higher purpose and a reason to live greater than yourself?

The Time Has Come To Seek A Higher Truth Other Than Faith

Faith Without Works Is Dead






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