FINAL WARNING: STOP KILLING ISRAEL. Blacks. I need everyone to know that Esau-Rome Vatican Pope who claims to be Jesus destroyed all real history and religion. We are now coming to light of frozen truths. Which means that EVERYTHING WE KNOW IS A LIE AND WE MUST LEARN THE TRUTH OF ALL THINGS. ESPECIALLY GOD AND HIS CHOSEN SEED. Israel is black in the Americas. I am a chosen vessel of heavenly truths. You will hear it here first with me on earth. Trust me.

We must return to our true Hebrew roots. YAHWEH ONLY. Stay up to date with my Facebook videos and website. Get my latest book Revelations. Plus, Daniel 2-3, you MUST come out of mystery Babylon and Esau-Rome or risk being DESTROYED WITH THEM. Those 10 toes are the Northern 10 tribes of Israel. Not the EU and Rome witchcraft magic. Christianity, Islam, Catholics are false religions to enslave you. Deuteronomy 28 and 30. 2 Esdras 6:9, Enoch 104:10-14, 1 Maccabees 3:48, Enoch 91-94. We’re at the end of the 12th and last stage of Baruch. Consummation of the ages.

The Ancient Ones are FAR superior advanced and are HERE FOR JUDGEMENT OF ALL THINGS. CLEANSING THE EARTH.

I see it in the stars and the many UFOs that follow me daily.

Judgement day is very near. It is at our doorsteps. The mystery of it all will be complete by the end of this year. For those that have been following, in a cancer. I FEEL. You KNOW that I have been saying for years that 2022 is the year of the end. When I say end, I mean the end of all sin. The earth will be cleansed from all sinners and all sinners will go to the place prepared for them in the underworld along with all the fallen angels and those that persecuted the chosen children of Israel. We will witness fulfillments of Hebrew Scriptures this year. Mark my words.

The time to repent is NOW. There’s so many layers of knowledge and it’s not available to those that don’t repent and depart from evil. The first evil is religion. They all were created by Esau-Rome to enslave man and control the earth through false doctrines. Think about those grays. They can’t take the sun. Yet every government submits to them. Don’t they sound like devils. Well, no need to ever fear FALLEN angels. Never fear anything that is FALLEN.

Their weapon is fear and lower vibrational frequencies such as materialism, racism, liars, thieves, killers, destruction, etc. Love is the strongest vibrational frequency and most powerful. I want you all to know that devils were created by Elohiym. Read Isaiah 45:5-7. Elohiym creates the good and bad. So, the thing formed can never overpower the Creator.

7 long years of battling grays and illumatti. 222 means destruction. We are also in a biblical jubilee year for Israel. Coupled with we are at the end of jacobs trouble, the gentile age, the age of Pisces, the end of Jesus/Allah/Pope, 400 years slavery Abraham promise. And we await Enoch 46 and Ezekiel 37. Israel will be saved and 2nd exodus to the promised land.

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