Forgiveness Friday 11/26/21

Silence Speaks Forgiveness Friday

A Friday freebie for all those ancestor seekers. I’ll give you something those DNA tests won’t. Your father is Adam, the devil.

This is holy knowledge you must know. In Adam all die, which is why Jesus had to come so we can have eternal salvation.

With that said, we all products of sin from birth. Expect the unexpected and develop a heart that is instantaneously forgiving to those that repent. You can’t fail the test and judge others as we are all victims of our first father, Adam and fell in sin. We must forgive others as we would have God to forgive us. Those that are seeking to be forgiven, there is active work; you must repent.

Lesson of the day is to study The Gospels and what Jesus said regarding forgiveness and the kingdom of heaven. Perfect timing for the holidays. Happy Holidays.

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