Forgives Friday 10/22/21

Forgiveness Friday’s

Reading the Bible story of Paul in Acts 26:13 - on. Paul used to persecute Christians, hunt them down, and kill them. One day, upon departing Damascus, he saw the Spirit of God. Jesus asked him, why do you persecute me?

I bring this story up because we never know WHAT JESUS is doing OR HOW he is operating. His divine plans and how he likes to position himself within enemy gates! There is always purpose in all things. This very same man, Christ ordained to spread his ministry throughout the world. A dude who was killing Christians saw the light of Jesus and, at that very moment, Jesus assigned him to spread the Christian church. Much of NT is about Paul! He took the enemy and made him into his leader. Enough said.

So, lean not to your own understanding. Jesus has all things planned out. Regardless what we think or how we may feel about things. Judge not. The interesting thing, the more I read the Bible, the more I see God gathering/making leaders from strangers to his church to lead and rebuild His church than raising one from within the church. Then, God blesses them with the Holy Spirit to speak for him. So, never assume and never judge and sometimes God comes from outside that building because WE ARE THE CHURCH, the living body of Christ. ONLY GOD CAN CHOOSE WHO HE WANTS TO USE, WHY, AND HOW and WHO SPEAKS FOR HIM! I say this because if our freedom savior was going to come from a church building, Jesus wouldn’t need to come back! If you want to be free, open your heart to how you receive God!

Always, stay in the Holy Spirit of Love for that’s what Jesus would do! Read the Bible verses above for yourself. Trust Jesus! He has it all planned out!






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