Free will is not as free as you think 11-20/2021

As creatures constantly seeking validation, we are addicted to acceptance. We seek to be accepted and to fit in to things of the norm. Many validate themselves by the opinions of others, stereotypes, prejudices, friends, and by mainstream culture.

This can be a deadly natural habit when chasing the norm as it’s the norm to go against the things of God. Many are natural followers stimulated by conquering minds. Many eradicate conjectures and realize the blind cannot lead the blind.

While you’re busy trying to fit in, know what it is you’re fitting into, the valleys of the shadows of darkness that leads to eternal damnation.

The only thing one should seek to fit into is the kingdom of Heaven and things of God. All other things shall pass away. Be not as one who build his house on sand. When the winds and storms come, your home withers away. Be faithful and wise. Build your house on a solid rock. Go to the rock. The stone that the builders rejected as they were seeking to fit into the accepted norm at the time. This stone has become the foundation. If you’re not busy chasing God, you may be headed to hell and not even realize it. Silence Speaks Jesus Saves.

10 Full books. There’s something for everyone to discover the spirit of Truth and Love.

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