Front Cover Reveal For Silence Speaks Volume One: Life

Gian Michael Simmons Productions

Silence Speaks will be released on Monday, April 26, 2021 and available in 4 book volumes. It is a a poetic story of the journey of life. Each book takes you through the journey.

  1. Volume One: Life

  2. Volume Two: Love

  3. Volume Three: The Gospels

  4. Volume Four: The Motivation

Gian Michael Simmons is a seeker of higher knowledge, truth, and love. I am excited to announce the release of my poetry collection, Silence Speaks. With this project, I engaged in a ancient form of communication and artistic style. During the journey of time, knowledge was transferred first in silence before it manifested to the tongue. Most spoken knowledge is for the profane and true knowledge resides in silence, mathematical characters, nature, the language of the stars and planets, and creative artistic communication styles that the enlightened can decipher. The purpose for me writing Silence Speaks Is to encourage others to engage in more effective styles of communication and to remind us of the Voice that speaks in silence.

Silence Speaks is a book of hope, love, motivation, strength and character, wisdom, and unity. It’s a book of consciousness and love engaging in the exercise of poetic expression. Silence Speaks will be released on Monday, April 26, 2021 and available in 4 volumes. All 4 volumes take you through the journey of the voice that speaks in silence. Buy your copy wherever books are sold. Gian can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram@ GianMichaelSimmons and @GMSimmons on Twitter.

Featured on my website will be poetry, clothing and apparel, merchandise, accessories with free worldwide shipping. I will also have blogs:,motivation, personal development and financial wellness. My Love Liberates Non-Profit will also be featured on my website. I will have a podcast and monthly newsletter coming soon.

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