Get Rapture Ready Now!

GET RAPTURE READY! Make this your 2022 theme.

Peace and Blessings, sending my love to all believers and followers as we await the return of King Jesus.

24/7, I’m busy preparing for my next book, which will be an exhaustive and in-depth review of Bible Scriptures, Repenting and Salvation, Rapture, Antichrist, Giants(you call them aliens- cursed demons inhabiting inner-Earth), Prophesy, Last Days, Judgement Days, and more. Also, guides to help understand the Bible (coded text of God).

I highly advise everyone to REPENT, SEEK JESUS, GET SAVED/BAPTISM IN HOLY GHOST, Be wise concerning SIGNS OF THE TIMES.

Let me be clear, Jesus is the only way to be saved.

Be sure to read Silence Speaks Jesus Saves as this next book will be a complete and advanced study-guide for all, filled with scriptures. You may also join my website and Facebook groups for a safe social media vehicle for the body of Christ. Become a free member and receive your “new member 20% off” coupon for shopping over 200 products with free worldwide shipping.

New website features will be added in Jan 2022. Join now at

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