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Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Gian Michael Simmons has worked in the Wealth Management industry for the last two decades. He currently serves as a Wealth Advisor for one of the world’s largest banking and financial institutions in the world. He is a proud father, to Isaiah, and an active philanthropist. Gian attained his Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany, where he served as a student president.

Gian was the first college graduate in his family and he was proud of the opportunity to encourage others. He was a very active student-leader and he served as Student Alliance Government President, for three consecutive years, and also received the President’s Undergraduate Leadership Award, the highest prestigious recognition, for each of those years. During Gian’s freshman year, he wrote and directed a play and filled the audience. He donated the proceeds to a local charity. Gian always committed his life’s mission to developing relationships, creativity, leadership, service, and philanthropy.

During Gian’s leadership years at the University at Albany, he also met many legends such as the Late- Coretta Scott King, the- Late Betty Shabazz, Hillary Clinton, the Late-Congressman John Lewis, the Late- Maya Angelou, Dr. Sonia Sanchez, Saul Williams, Chuck D, Professor Griff, Tommy Hilfiger, the Late- Dr. Carson Carr Jr., Dr. Marcia Sutherland, Dr. James Turner, Cornel West, Jay Z, Diddy, Wyclef Jean, just to name a few. Gian is very talented and loves to create. In college, Gian planned many events. One event that he’s most proud about is founding the first Capital District Hip Hop Conference attended by many from all over the world. Gian wrote the blueprint for the 3-day conference, which included several events such as workshops, keynote speakers, panel discussions, poetry event, hip hop show and party, dinners, and fashion show. Gian enjoys being a leader and providing opportunities of progressive growth for mankind.

Gian has always remained an active member in his community. In his spare time, he enjoys to read and write. He also loves to cook. At a young age, Gian would ask his mother to buy him books instead of toys. His favorite book was the dictionary and he loved to learn new words daily. Gian has been writing from a very young age and enjoys to exercise various writing styles. His dream is to write movies. Gian enjoys being a student of the engagements of words and characters. Writing has always been a hobby for Gian. Gian is a student of wisdom, knowledge, and a seeker of higher truths.

Since turning his passion into a profession, Gian started Gian Michael Simmons Productions and has written prolifically and is constantly exploring new themes, genres, and ideas. He enjoys to challenge himself and master his talents. Gian is a very active writer and writes daily. Many of his writings have been completed within minutes and requiring minimalistic editing. It’s very common to find him sitting down at his desk putting the opening words to a new book, poem, or story on paper. He credits his gifts to his consciousness and connection to heaven. It’s incredibly hard work, but he’s never happier than when he follows the Voice that speaks in silence.

Gian is also excited to announce the start of his non-profit organization called “Love Liberates”. A portion of this book’s proceeds will go to help start this charitable project that he’s very excited about. The mission of Love Liberates is to restore the hopes and joys of life, to motivate and encourage others, to foster mentorship, meditation group, inner city community services, and homeless outreach.

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