Greatest World Secret Revealed


One of my greatest finds was unlocking the mystery of Jesus, the worlds best kept secret. The key to this understanding was the revelation of the reality of 2 Jesus’ and conflicting separate religions contained within the Bible. The Old Testament represents the Hebrew religion, with the Elohiym(God) named YAH(YAHWEH). This also represents the Father Jesus preached. The New Testament represents Christianity, with Jesus as God. Even though both religions are in one Bible, you must know the DIFFERENCE.

The gospels started orally. Books were not penned until almost century later. They all drew from same source but all carry different messages. Code key: notice how Mark - John, “who is Jesus” progresses. As you’re reading:Ask yourself, when was Jesus God? At birth? Baptize? Death?

Christians were competing against the “Son of God” with Rome. Then, they merged.

Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet who expected the end to come shortly after his death. When the end didn’t come, the scriptures were tampered with to “justify” people of Christian faith not to lose hope. Rome killed him and blamed the Jews. Another change in scriptures. Etymology of Jesus and MOST GODS trace back to Narmer and Nimrod. HUMAN BEINGS. BIG WORLD SECRET.

They all started as Hebrews and internal conflicts caused splits. YAH chose 12 tribes of Israel to be holy priests to reclaim the world with monotheism. This is our job to teach true knowledge of YAH. Israel was cursed for violating Torah law. That’s why the world suffers. WE are the key to saving the world.

The Book of Daniel reveals the 4th and last beast is Rome. Esau-Edom is Rome. The deceiving Esau is attempting to steal the birthright of Jacob(Israel) by any means necessary.

Hebrew history reflects that Yahusha Ben Yosef a.k.a. Jesus was a Hebrew prophet who prayed to YAHWEH, and taught and followed Torah Law. During his life, he was not known as Jesus. The name Jesus Christ came centuries after his death. At the Council of Nicea, Jesus was made into a God by Constantine, along with the assimilation of other pagan items, such as Trinity and changing the Sabbath to Sunday from Saturday.

At Nicea, the land was filled with so much paganism and Christianity(known as Pauline Gospels). The Druids had a god named Hesus and Krishna(Sanskrit for Christ). After letter J was added to Greek language, then comes the name Jesus Christ. Islam- check Asarte and Baal. Egypt and Hindu- check similarities. The Moors were Black Hebrews before Muslims. Then, those same Black Moors took Europe out of the dark ages. Only to be turned on with hate. Europe and Rome, then, conquered the world with colonialism of their religions, shaded by white supremacy.

Christianity was started by Paul, a man who persecuted Jews, and never met Jesus. Paul was a false prophet to the teachings of Yahusha(Jesus). Jesus taught and followed Torah law. Contradicting Jesus words, Paul did away with the law and incorrectly taught salvation by faith. He was also a pagan and that’s why his books are filled with so much mysticism. Not even Jesus disciples, who lived with him, agreed with Paul.

The New Testament books were written centuries after his death. The Greeks tampered with the NT writings. You can only accept things that CONFORM/CONFIRM the Hebrew Scriptures(Old Testament). Read every Jesus word as he never claimed Godhood. He prayed to YAH. Only in John, which came 100 years later.

The Jews knew that the Messiah was to come only at the end of the age, ONLY ONCE, conquer the world and not die. That’s why they didn’t accept and were FORCED.

All started after Israel was dispersed. Esau is Rome and head of Christianity, Catholics, Islam. The greatest con to steal Israel chosen children. Africans in diaspora are the true 12 tribes and will awaken to this truth as per Ezekiel 37.

There’s only one true Elohiym(God) and YAH is His Holy Name. Pray to YAH as praying to Jesus, Shiva, Osiris, etc. and ALLAH is Mystery Babylon. Israel is cursed for disobedience to Torah law. Read Deuteronomy 28. Everyone is involved in this effort to be the chosen. Trust no one but the Torah. The Great Black Hebrew Awakening. Israel will be saved and those that follow Torah law.

Religion etymologizes history. EARTH NEEDS US TO COME TOGETHER AS ONE AND IN LOVE.

World War 3 is coming. The OLD Vs. The New. YAH SAVES and brings heaven on earth. Be sure to read my blogs and latest book.

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