Hidden Black History Facts

A lot of true history is hidden by the elite. They share some archeological findings. One must correlate this to Bible scriptures. The Bible etymologizes history and it can never be whitewashed to spiritual eyes.

History was whitewashed in the 1500s. Teachers and authors(the system) is created to teach lies. Yes, even your loved ones are paid to teach lies. You cannot rely on the hidden enemy that hates you to teach you. The same enemy that created the New Testament is the last beast, Esau-Rome. They added it to the Bible to confuse you. The enemy wants you sleep. The Bible is black history. Ask yourself, what color are the oldest mummies and skeletons?

YAH was very clear. He made this world for Israel. Hidden history will reveal that the entire world was first populated by blacks, of various tribes and cultures. One horrible event, we must accept is that blacks enslaved other blacks. This is what produced a weak population that allowed Anglo-Europeans to conquer the world with colonialism and Christianity. A people divided cannot stand.

Jesus was a Black Hebrew. PAUL, who persecuted Jews, started Christianity. Rome took it over.

Just as all countries earliest beginnings, America was the land of blacks and reds, long before presence of enslaving whites. Some of us were here long before slavery. Racist whites stole the land and is killing nature.

In fact, I believe that the leaders of the American revolution were black on both sides. George Washington was not the first President. He was a general in the army and President Hanson was black, America’s 1st President and The first 8-9 American Presidents were all black. Hanson designed the US seal, which is still in use today. India, China, Europe, Spain, Italy, Africa, France, Rome, etc. All started by black rulers. Dispersed Hebrews.

Why do I bring all this up? Because this world is ours and they are destroying the world. To RECLAIM the world and stop the destruction, we must turn to YAH. Sin has reached its fulfillment and only eternal judgment remains. And, you do not want the end of your world.

You won’t find the answers in the Bible book Revelations. The end is in Hebrew Scriptures.

People are experiencing judgements now. In efforts to turn back to the Father, people are feeling the fire. You see: physical sickness, injuries, financial problems, mental health issues, death. I see: spiritual chastisement.

In 2 Baruch, the Most High promised that those who turn to Him will be shielded from the wraths to come. How can one secure salvation? By obeying Moses Law and 10 commandments. Very simple!

Our ancient forefathers were One with YAH and one with nature. They also understand all physical things had spiritual answers and revelations. They understand the connection between heaven and Earth. They were spiritual people. Not material Anglo-Europeans.

The time for living for the material things is OVER. A worldwide spiritual revolution is at the root of what we see going on in our world. YAH IS BACK TO CLAIM HEAVEN ON EARTH. Only Righteousness will be saved. You cannot be saved by faith in Jesus. Jesus NEVER TAUGHT THAT. Jesus did not teach Christianity and he certainly didn’t start Christianity and he wrote no scriptures. Your enemy started the religion that you follow. Jesus prayed to YAH., Father, Why do thou forsake me? Quite, humbling for a God!

Rather than closing, I’ll leave you with to marinate on.

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