Hidden Black History Facts


Throughout history, there were always divisions amongst Hebrews. Initially, it stemmed from the interpretation of Moses Law. The High Priests were strict interpreters of the law and even created their own human oral laws. They were called hypocrites because they placed burdens on man that even themselves didn’t wear. One could argue religious oppression. So, conflicts with Moses law.

Another split came during times of Jesus. Hebrews in diaspora became Hellenized Greeks and Jews. This is why New Testament is filled with “Greek” or Egyptian mythology, mysticism, philosophy, and paganism. Even early Hebrews engaged in paganism from Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Canaan, and Greeks. The Word of YAH has been corrupted by man. Plus, the power hides archeological findings. Temples were sacked and records seized and burned. Why do you think Iraq was bombed? To hide Ancient Babylon evidence. Why do they attack the nose of the Sphinx? To hide black features. Why do you think museums and Vatican hides true history? Blacks built all the pyramids and Easter Island. All the world wonders. Even UFOs. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were black nations. They died like everything else racist Anglo-Europeans touch. Beethoven, Einstein, Tesla- all black!

I’ll share a secret. WHITES ARE THE MINORITY IN THE WORLD AND A NEW “RACE”. Blacks were around for thousands of years before the first white. To whites, my apologies ancient blacks were afraid of you as your color was not the norm. On behalf of my ancestors, I apologize for them quarantining you in Europa mountains. Truthfully, our ancestors saved you, Black Moors taught you everything and took you out the dark ages. You were living as savages, as animals and we taught you civilization. Because of our righteousness, we could’ve killed you many times. In the wild, we taught you how to be men and women. We taught you secrets of nature and the stars. During slavery, we were your doctors and cooks. We could’ve poisoned you. During Civil Rights, we could’ve killed you for killing our leaders. You couldn’t have won any war without us so we built America, you stole it, and we helped you become a superpower. You are no longer strong. In fact, you are very weak and the world is sick of your racist evil destruction. We are no longer ignorant. You cannot divide us as YAH is back to save us. Additionally, YAH set the clock for destruction of Earth and the only way to stop the clock is with YAH. Plus, you have nations stacked up against you. You fell on a rock in a hard place and your science can’t save you nor your ignorance. The stone the builders rejected can save you. The only way to defeat the asteroid heading to Earth is by raising your consciousness to righteousness, truth, order, and justice.

You’re in uncharted territory. Beyond the Mayans, Egyptians, Nostradamus, your wizards. Humble yourself before you destroy yourself. And get ALL TRUTH RELEASED. YAH won’t allow us to be destroyed. YAH will save you if you repent. Depart from evil. Obey Torah law. And, as scriptures declare, you will not win World War 3.

Divided, we live off myths, fairytales, dreams, works of the imagination. You created the American dream that no one attained. You created immortality and the heavens. No one attained. The works of man will always fail to give glory to YAH, and will end in your destruction.

Clock is ticking. You see it in nature. You see it in your weak economy. Judgement is here so repent before it’s too late. YAH is back to restore His true worship worldwide, as we must worship YAH in spirit, love, and truth. Your living on His Earth.

The only way to save yourself is to LOVE US.

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