History behind Passover (4/14/22)

A simple history behind the origin and celebration of Passover.

After the Noah flood, the giants became evil spirits. The world was filled with so much sin. Everyone was worshipping many gods, which were made of their imagination, even though there is one God. There was one man who walked with the Creator and his name was Abram. To show love for blacks and to be clear on eternal salvation, YAH added “Ham” to his name. Thus, Abram becomes Abraham and the only man called a friend of YAH.

YAH chose Abraham to be a father of many nations. Out of his seed, YAH chose Jacob as His firstborn. Jacob is the father of Israel. The 12 tribes end up in Egypt where Joseph was made a ruler. After Jacob and his siblings die, there rose a new Pharaoh that turned on Israel and enslaved them. The children of Israel would serve 430 years of slavery. YAH raised up Moses to save the children of Israel. YAH would produce 10 acts to free His children. The last and final act is where Passover originates. It describes when the angel of death passed over Israel and killed the firstborn of all Egyptians. After this, the children of Israel gained salvation and begins the Exodus to the promised land.

The story can be read in Exodus 12.

By being the chosen children of YAH, Israel is required to be a holy people and the light of righteousness to the world. Prior to gifting the whole world to Israel, YAH gave them the TORAH Law. This law governs all activities and functions of life. Obedience to the law brings blessings. Violations bring curses.

Contrary to what is taught, TORAH Law is still in effect and never dies, not even with Jesus, a man who taught and followed TORAH Law.

In fact, in the millennial kingdom, the new covenant(same law) will be written on our inner parts fulfilling Jeremiah 31. The New Testament is incorrect in their teachings on this, which is why Israel has become Ezekiel dry bones and why people of color are suffering. TORAH LAW IS OUR SALVATION TO TURN TO OUR CREATOR AND INHERIT THE WORLD FOREVER. THIS IS WHY RELIGION DOESN’T TEACH THIS BECAUSE IT SPELLS THEIR DOOM WHEN WE WALK WITH OUR CREATOR AND NOT STRANGE GODS OUR FOREFATHERS DIDN’T KNOW. Read Deuteronomy 28.


Currently, the Northern tribe is in hiding and obeying the Law. Judah remains dispersed and cursed. This is why Africans in the diaspora MUST LEARN AND OBEY TORAH LAW. No man can ever save us except YAH. BY neglecting to follow TORAH Law, we have become a cursed people. The curse will be undone at the Hamashiach (Messiah) appearance.

We belong to our Creator and there’s NO greater love than what YAH gives to us. Whoever you are, STUDY Genesis through Deuteronomy and LEARN/OBEY TORAH LAW.

I leave you with 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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