Putting the Bible aside for a second. 3-5 years ago, my spirit had me researching the Washitaw tribe. I remember since a child. I dream about Black “Indians”. Then, came into my spirit. It’s going to take me time to complete my research and share fully. But fact is, AMERICA WAS STARTED BY BLACKS. THIS IS OUR LAND. Blacks were still ruling on both sides of the American Revolution. Those “savages” you read in books were whites. BLACKS DID NOT ORIGINATE IN AFRICA. SAD TRUTH IS BLACKS HATE BLACKS. To extent that even Black King James was demonologist and put a spell on the Bible. WE are STILL TRYING TO BREAK THE SPELL. Always remember, ALL HISTORY was whitewashed and, unfortunately, some blacks don’t mind having white faces. It’s a serious war on all fronts: spiritual, mental, financial, etc.

I just ordered another 40-50 books. SO MANY HIDDEN LAYERS and EVERYONE IS INVOLVED TO HIDE TRUTH. Here’s how to catch them. Read old memoirs, like Ben Franklin. Google ancient coins that are dated and have black features. Look at ancient hieroglyphs and understand blacks come in different shades and albino blacks. Blacks ruled the world for 4,000 years. White supremacy last 2,000.

The “transatlantic slave trade narrative” WAS TO CONFUSE YOU. THE NUMBERS WERE NOT THAT MANY. Etymology of words helps too.

This is MOVING because I’m in the town where George Washington and Fredrick Douglas lived. I’m trying to conclude IF George Washington was black too!

It’s a sick game to hide truth and the criminals are white AND black. My best advice, study the topics in my posts. Challenge your mind. FAST. Meditate. Pray. The spirit will guide you beside the still waters for His Name Sake. THE SIGNS IN NATURE ARE TO STOP YOU FROM DYING (BY LIVING THE WAYS OF THOSE THAT HATE YOU), stop relying on the enemy to educate you. COVID, high gas prices, now monkey pox, vaccination, etc. This is all to STOP YOU FROM DYING AND FORCE YOU TO SIT STILL AND READ. GET TO KNOW THYSELF. WITH KNOWLEDGE, COMES LOVE. WITH LOVE, COMES CONQUERING POWER.

I’m looking for a TEAM. Currently, I’m reading over 16-19 hours everyday. 2 A.M. dinners. I make time to blog and share. Working on additional books. Inbox me or contact my website. EACH ONE TEACH ONE. COME TOGETHER AS ONE. THE DAYS OF SIN ARE OVER! ONLY LOVE STANDS. I only share truth not feelings.

KEEP me and my son in your prayers. THE enemy never sleeps. But, My Elohiym (God) is Omnipresent.

Looking for Brand Ambassadors, WORLDWIDE, for book clubs, curriculum, groups, and more. WE MUST TEACH THE PEOPLE TRUTH. WHERE IS ISRAEL. WHO GOT MY BACK. INBOX ME.


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