Silence Speaks Wednesday Wisdom

Hoping you and your loved ones are safe and engaging in healthy practices regarding the times we are living in. Live in real time and not after your time.

Previously, I have been addressing the spiritual, as it is the most imminent area of concern to be prepared for the last days, end of an age, Antichrist, and Christ return. YES! I want you ALL to BE AWARE AND PREPARED for ETERNAL JUDGEMENT DAY! COMING TO EARTH. Know HIS NAME AND THE TIMES. JESUS!

Today, I am urging everyone to prepare your household with the necessary elements for your survival. This means, stack up on books, foods, supplies, medicines, emergency supplies, and anything critical. Maintain more than your normal resources ON HAND. Whereas you only go to stores for emergencies. Water, toilet tissue, food, asthma pumps, medicine, cleaning products, etc.

I am NOT urging anyone to panic. I simply want you to be prepared for what needs to come: SOCIAL DISTANCE! NOT secret government police state. I’m referring to additional measures to employ social distancing during this MAJOR UNCURED PANDEMIC. COVID IS REAL AND VERY DEADLY. KNOW THIS, either the numbers and “positive” diagnosis are lying OR going outside is inviting COVID/DEATH.

AT this TIME, I am NOT commenting on the vaccine. I’m studying if this is the Mark of the Beast and do not have all the data. It meets ALL CRITERIA BIBLICALLY! Just saying.

Regardless, if you’re vaccinated or not, WEAR A MASK, social distance, wash hands, disinfect, improve your diet, get closer to God.

Pic, some tips. FREEZE everything. Have at least 3-6 month supplies. This is how life survives. Create your ARK and May Jesus be with you from Earth back to heaven.

STAY TUNED for next projects.

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