LAST CALLS- The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand


Peace beloved family. I cannot express how much I love you all and care for you all enough and want you to be aware of the signs of the times/last days. I also cannot stress how urgent times are to repent and to be baptized with the Holy Ghost to be saved. We are in last days and ACTION IS required to be saved. Jesus is coming back and I want us all to be ready as time is very imminent. It's what is needed in order to have the name of God written on your foreheads so that you are saved from all dangers that are coming in the last days. The Holy Ghost is real and doesn't judge those who come with a pure heart regardless of your past and sins. Jesus loves sinners who will repent. This is what He is coming back for. To claim that LAST TO BE SAVED.

I have been attending Aunt Lucy church of the Latter Rain and the ministers have been extremely supportive. They can schedule a PRIVATE Zoom call to review scriptures and then they schedule a Zoom call for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Isaiah received on the 24th. Even if you had it in the past, GET IT AGAIN. SCRIPTURES CONFIRM Evidence SPEAKING IN TONGUES. Simply, send a email to this screenshot and be sure to include your phone number and contact information.

This is NOT ABOUT ME. It's for your very life as it depends on Jesus. I love you all and do this ASAP to put on the full armor of God.

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