Last Days Scriptures Breakdown

BIBLE STUDY FOR LAST DAYS/NOW with scriptures below: Focusing on Jesus will ONLY KEEP US DIVIDED and ignorant of the Father (Hebrews and Christians). The goal is to Know The Father.

Divided, we will NEVER prove the past, UNTIL MESSIAH COMES. Plus, history and science cannot prove blind faith. I offer all to focus on the Father. Jesus understands. WE NEED BLACK UNITY WORLDWIDE.

Let’s study. Noah said to bless the Elohiym of Shem. Abraham is the seed of Shem and the restorer of monotheism on Earth.

YAH chose Israel(Jacob) to be considered his firstborn son. YAH made an everlasting covenant with Israel, for us to be His holy priests and light of the world. Exodus 34:27-28. THE ETERNAL COVENANT IS THE 10 COMMANDMENTS. WE VIOLATED THE COVENANT by worshipping other deities and more. STUDY THEM and OBEY. BLACKS ARE STUBBORN AND HARD HEADED. The eternal covenant of YAH with Israel comes with blessings and curses. We must obey the Moses law or be punished. We lost our home and history and became a cursed people. Deuteronomy 4:27-28, scattered amongst the nations. Isaiah 29:10, deep sleep. Enoch 92, the criminal church will reign for 2,000 years. Enoch 104:10, they will change Bible scriptures. 1 Maccabees 3:48, they will change Bible images and just verdict. Genesis 13, Abraham’s children will be enslaved for 400 years. 1619-2019. Time is up. Isaiah 43:11, BESIDES YAH THERE IS NO SAVIOR. Isaiah 41:9, YAH didn’t divorce Israel. Isaiah 45:17, CHURCH NEVER REPLACES ISRAEL. Israel will be saved. Deuteronomy 30 and 2 Chronicles 7:14, WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING NOW. 2 Baruch 74:1-3, 2 Baruch 30-14, Enoch 104:12-13, what’s going on now in world. 2 Esdras 13:26-32, WHAT TO LOOKOUT FOR.

Ezekiel 34:11, YAH will regather Israel and those that obey Moses law. Everyone has a chance to be saved by Moses Law. Ezekiel 37, THE GREAT BLACK HEBREW AWAKENING AND RETURN TO THE PROMISED LAND with those that obey Moses law. 2 Baruch 50:1-3, RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD. Revelations 19:1-2. Enoch 91:15-19, Word is Bond. This, my people, is the return of HEAVEN ON EARTH. FOREVER. IT IS ALREADY COMING. Only Judgement remains.

I want you all to be saved and Moses Law is the only way to be saved. Those who follow, GET EXCITED. Those who violate, WOE TO YOU. GOOD LUCK!

I’ll be posting more studies. Be sure to get my latest book. Revelations, Unlocking Bible Mysteries and Hidden Secrets Revealed. Now on Amazon Books. Barnes/Nobles.

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