Late night thoughts 11/20/2021

Friday night thoughts. Come to Jesus just as you are. For some, you may not have the luxury of waiting until you get yourself right to come to God.

Jesus came to save sinners and to call us to repent. If you’re out having a drink or at a club or about to hit your pipe or stack something on a dark kitchen counter or hide as a shadow, whatever you are doing, call on Jesus. He will save you. He will pick you up and turn you around.

Don’t wait until you get right. Just give your all to God. If you can’t give your all, give what you must. Each step you take with God, He will take more steps closer to you. Remember, Jesus went into the graves to conquer death. He took the sting out of death. Claim victory over the flesh and walk with God, even in your sin. God can make you a new creation. Old things will perish if you walk with God.

An unconventional message. But, I’m tell