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There’s a famous gospel song that speaks about a mansion that Jesus has prepared and a place where you’ll never grow old or die.

This is all true. However, it’s not the heaven that one would conceive when thinking of the Mother Goddess and the womb of life. What our ancestors believed. From birth, we were miseducated about the mystery of life and death. We were trained to fear death. To fear the darkness that created the light. Most of you are afraid to die.

What does your government religions give you? They have discovered a way to capture the spirit. They finally mastered this art practiced over many centuries. They built an artificial computer to simulate virtual realities for the HUMAN SOUL! Now they have CERN! This is your heaven for all you who follow religion. They mastered the art of physically trapping you into technology, you’re all trapped in devices. Now, they mastered trapping your soul into technology. You’ll live trapped inside a computer forever! That’s why you’ll never grow old or die!

Nothing in nature stays the same forever! Everything lives, dies, and is recycled.

Let me share with you what happens when you die after praying to these fallen gods, your ethereal spirit conjures their ethereal spirits and you’re returned to this created matrix vs. going to a higher realm of infinity.

Death is not to be feared. Death is the real life. What you are experiencing is only a holographic classroom designed for your spirit to learn what it means to be a human to teach the soul so when it RETURNS to Earth/Universe you experience a higher reality. Reincarnation is for ALL. You don’t have to be mystified or secret. Energy is always transferred and never dies. We are nothing but energy. So, you can have a eternal matrix or you can have what nature has for you, ETERNAL LIFE for Infinity Souls. As Morpheus said, the choice is yours! You are your own god, look within to discover your higher self.

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