Monday Motivation 1/17/22

Monday Motivation

It is very important to have an active daily relationship with God, through Jesus to remove the curse of sin from Adam, which we all are natural-born sinners. Ending soon with the rapture, The gospel of grace affords salvation to those who will repent, confess their sins to Jesus, depart from evil, and learn obedience of Him. You are instantly forgiven by God. Guiltless! Those who truly walk with Christ become a new creation. All things old perish. We must also be as Elijah and John the Baptist, have undying fearless faith and obedience to the Word and Works of God; the spirit of Moses to know the laws of God and obey. I do not endorse being saved by just belief in Jesus. One must repent, which is a layered process in itself. Jesus also defined who will enter the kingdom of heaven.

It all starts with faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Only the pure in heart shall see God. To enter the kingdom of heaven, you must be born again. Salvation is both faith and works, as you must also bear fruits of the gifts God blessed you with. We also have an assignment to share the message of the gospels and divine purpose for our life. Repent. Seek ye kingdom of heaven is at hand.

My advice: daily prayer and ask God to remove anything that is not pleasing to Him. Accept Jesus paid the price for you to be saved. Decrease yourself and Increase Jesus. You must empty to be filled.

Study: Jesus Olivert Discourse, Daniel 9, Revelations, The Gospels, books of Paul as the window is closing for this age.

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