Monday Motivation 11/22/21 - Integrity

Monday Motivation:

The message of today is Integrity. The challenge to acquiring knowledge, wealth, status, fame, titles, etc. is that it can tempt the soul to fall into spirit. It can further remove you from your true spiritual self and you begin to identify with your title, fame, wealth, status, levels of knowledge, etc. You arrive at a destination where your heart is hardened and you know it all. You no longer learn because your ears are deaf to additional knowledge. No one can tell you anything because you know it all. Since you no longer learn, you also no longer grow. You do experience growth in the sense that you grow distant from reality, your self and God.

It’s ok to have money, fame, titles, status, etc. Question is, can you gain the world without losing your soul? Without making a god of yourself?

Integrity means can God trust you when He blesses you? Will you continue to do His will? Will you turn your back on God? Will you continue to love man as you love thyself? Will you obey Gods’ commandments or would you be too much of a god to walk with the Father?

God will never bless you to curse you or blind you. Problem is, many blessings turn into curses by our own doing because we CHANGE. We define ourselves by our things. We submit to the god of money and the root of all evil. We lose our integrity. We grow distant from God. We fall under pressures to make the wrong decisions; those contrary to the laws of God. However, we make any decision that would result in adding to our Godhood. We fall into sin.

Think about your Integrity. We can trust God. Can God trust you? Will you do the Will of God? Will you accept His Son, Jesus Christ? Will you be saved?

Silence Speaks Jesus Saves

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