Monday Motivation 12/6/21


Beware of the beast that gathers together in the name of God.

Many come together in the name of God. You must know the illusion of this.

There is one God, the Father and the only one that knows the Father is Jesus. Jesus is one with the Father and is the Right Arm of the Father. No man has seen God except Jesus. Jesus is the way, truth, and light for man to be saved. You cannot skip past Jesus to get to God and no other god can get you to the Father. If you don’t accept Jesus, you cannot accept the Father. So, you cannot say God void of Jesus. Why not clearly say, Jesus? RED FLAGS!

When someone claims to stand for God, they cannot do so without standing for Jesus. Ask yourself this, WHY NOT JUST STAND FOR JESUS?

Open your eyes when you hear the word God and not Jesus. That’s a trick of the devil as we cannot approach God without Jesus. That’s why Jesus said, many would claim to do works in His name and He will say depart me.

Study the beast in Revelations as she gathers the sheep in wolves clothing and always know WHO you’re praying to. There’s levels to heaven and Jesus is the head of our level.

Be sure to get your copy of Silence Speaks Jesus Saves.

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