Monday Motivation - Human Sacrifices for financial gains

The real human sacrifices. Money in itself is not evil. It’s what people do for money, with it, and how they make a god of it, makes money evil.

Ever wonder why personal injury law firms are popping up all over the hood and major cities? Read on.

In our current culture, everyone is pursuing the unattainable American dream by any means necessary. This fictitious financial focus as a definition of life has left us spiritually broke. We must ask, what profits a man/woman to gain the whole world and lose their soul?

This instant gratification system trades love for financial rewards and many make deals with the god of money. The silent payouts silently come in the form of LAWSUITS and personal injury cases. Even if the person had to appear injured, the numbers never lie. Everyone is in on it. Follow the numbers and sequences of 3 years.

Curious? Ever want to PROVE A HUMAN SACRIFICE, TAKE THE DATE OF DEATH AND ADD 3 Years for the payout - the life changing event, such as a lawsuit settlement, new home, new job, new company, etc. For an easy illustration, take the year of a company launch or record release and subtract 3 years to see who died that year. Practice math with celebrities for easy illustrations. Then, practice math on everyday people. It will amaze you. Everyone is doing it!

Yahusha(Jesus) warned us about the Coming of Ha’Mashiach (Messiah) will be worst than the days of Noah and Lot. Human sacrifices for financial gains, child trafficking, human slaves, demonic possessions, spiritual bankruptcy, homosexuality, blood rituals, magic, etc.

You don’t have to sell your soul to experience financial success. Job was a very rich and righteous man. King David was very wealthy and wise. King Solomon excelled in riches and fame. Yahusha(Jesus) came from a very wealthy family.

Instant gratification does not produce long term success or spiritual enlightenment or meaningful happiness. There’s no trading the joys of working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor and being able to look honestly in the mirror and speak truth to our youth. And, face our Creator in righteousness.

In short, it’s not the money that’s bad. It’s how poorly we degraded a somewhat useful tool. Get it. Just don’t let it change you or make you. Monday Motivation.

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