More Black History for your weekend 4/22/22

We have become as most victims of domestic abuse. Many victims fall in love with their oppressor and lose their identity. Forgiving without reparations. Many victims take on the identity and behaviors of their oppressors. Many love their oppressors more than they love themselves.

Think of the many women that stay in abused relationships and take the men back each time. Additionally, each time the man returns, the woman has to compromise and alter herself in order to conform to this reconciliation. She changes and is not herself. Sadly, most forgive without even addressing the underlying issues. Some use time as a remedy of healing. The issue with this is that you escape addressing the root issues and they come back in different “untreated” forms. Now, the man got smarter and wiser. His violations can no longer be surface. His acts of injustice must always be veiled with the appearance of love. Eventually, you come to define hate as love and develop coping strategies. The man also realizes that he can do more with hidden acts of injustice than with things that are seen. After some time, you even start hating yourself and your loved ones based upon this systemic culture of hate disguised as love being programmed into your brain computer. You start to accept the “new normal”.

This is the state of Black America. After 400 years of slavery, we define hate as love, war as peace, and still have not addressed or reconciled the root issues that forms racism. We’re trying to cure a man-made disease and cannot do so without discussing our true history and examine how we got to where we are today. The actions of the past, in righteousness, can speak life to the future and only the truth shall set us free.

I’m recommending everyone read Deuteronomy 28 and Ezekiel 37. Study aboriginal Black Hebrews, Americas black aboriginals, the rise of Christianity history, the Arab and Trans-Atlantic slave trade, sharecroppers, Black codes, Civil War, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, Affirmative Action.

Study Montgomery Bus boycott and how collectively shutting down finances brought change in the world. We can learn LOTS from this!

We must understand the past, learn from it, to address the present to see the future. We must also educate our children. Know Thyself.

Forgive yourself for not knowing yourself and YAH. In all your getting in life, get true knowledge of self and YAH.

Have a nice weekend.

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