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Debates about who is Jesus will probably never end and too many contradicting loopholes in the story. In search of salvation, I did what Jesus did, I pray to YAH.

If hidden history and archeology reveals that Jesus is who they say he is, I’ll humbly change my thesis. No time for games. Fact remains, all New Testament books contradict each other in respects of the birth, life, death, resurrection, and Godhood of Jesus. All books had many revisions. Christ means anointed. Not his last name. Fact is Jesus was a Hebrew prophet and the religion, Christianity doesn’t reflect his pure teachings and started century after his death. Another fact, in Revelations, a testimony from Jesus, he doesn’t identify himself as the Son of Man. He says, Son of Man will have a name that no one knows but the Father. He did same in gospels. Why is that if it’s Jesus talking about his “second coming”. Keep it mind, Hebrews knew Messiah comes only once.

Based on known theology and history, it’s best to do what Jesus did, be a devout Hebrew to play it safe and considering Rome, the enemy, authors the doctrine of Christianity. Jesus will understand. Interestingly, I’d say to pray to YAH and focus on what the Messiah will be doing upon appearance, in our time, rather consume mystery of Jesus. There’s no escaping that Jesus transformed the scriptures Warrior Messiah into a Spiritual Messiah. No escaping Christianity is a new religion. I can only go based on what’s revealed to public. No disrespect to Jesus because I don’t think he would be a Christian. His entire ministry didn’t focus on building a church. He thought the end was coming immediately in his generation. To those that base off Daniel Messiah Cutoff, I’d direct you to study Judas Maccabees who was a conquering warrior messiah that was cutoff and all shortly prior to Jesus. So, one could argue scriptures applied to Judas and not Jesus. Also, Jesus focused on morals and ethics for heaven. Not bringing David’s kingdom to earth and judgement. So, it’s too much confusion to focus on Jesus. He authored no books and knew he was going to die. He preached heavenly realms and Hebrews expected heaven on earth. The same that our bodies made of. The word virgin in Isaiah 7:14 referred to Isaiahs son and not a sexual virgin. It’s more a desperation to prove Jesus was God than it is to allow scriptures to speak for itself.

We all know the Hebrew religion has been corrupted. This is why Jeremiah 31 speaks of a new law being written in our inner parts.

Around 1-2nd century, when Christianity fully departed from Hebrews, Jesus was made into God and the book of John written.

My mother died in April 10, 2006 at 11:47 P.M. Because she was loved so much, my nephew had a vision that she was talking to him inside his closet. He saw her. He touched her and ate with her. He gave her an orange. Nobody can deny that she was real. She resurrected. Just as the Virgin Mary appears to thousands, my mother gave my nephew a message. She told him to love others as she loved him. She didn’t author any books. She was so loving that’s why she was magical. She even appeared to me and my younger brother. She was so famous, I can write books about her. So loving, I could start a religion based off her teachings. Her funeral had over 1,000 people. People talk about her still today. In her, I saw God. She said she would never leave us and I can’t wait to see her again. She was my ticket to heaven. When I see her, I think I’m hallucinating. Even during my near death experiences, I saw her when they shot me in 2012. She caused the bullets to go from my head to my SIDE. Her bright light blinded the car jackers and instead of killing me they only wounded me for their transgressions. The visions appear so real. She didn’t die. She’s still alive. She saved me. Reality is, no matter how much I love my mother, I’ll never love anyone more than my Heavenly Father. All praises to YAH.

A change will come with Hebrews, I just don’t think Christianity is the answer. It’s not biblical founded on historical truths. And our change will come with Messiah. A new heaven and a new earth.

WWJD? He’d pray to the Father.

I recommend that basics, 10 Commandments. Calling Jesus God violates the 1st commandment. YAH (YAHWEH) is our Elohiym (God).

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