My Daily Prayer

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Gian Michael Simmons Productions

My Daily Prayer

This is how I wake

Thank You for Your Grace and Mercy and the Opportunity To Engage a New Day.

Regulate my fray with Your Moral Rose

Speak Life To my time,

Every second, every hour, every year

I’m loving each moment, the journey of my career.

With Each challenge, my faith, may you strengthen.

The chords of my success, may you lengthen

Let my works inspire ALL

To increase their faith, Do Right, and stand TALL

The Almighty spoke and said,

“You are the head and not the tail,

And with Me, You can’t fail”

So I ask you,

Bless my son, my family, and my friends, from the beginning, of Time, until the end.

Rain down from heaven, Love send

Gian Michael Simmons


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Have a pleasant day

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