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OPEN DISCUSSION: Taking a poll:

Most religious text say that the Creator planted a seed/Earth. From the top of this seed is a river that spreads out and forms 4 rivers which feed the world. The Garden of Eden/Paradise.

Most say this is to be found in Egypt as the Nile forms a delta. I have been also reading books pointing to the North Pole, which also forms a delta. It is said that Columbus sailed there and found tropical lands filled with Blacks. I would have you to know that beyond our icy pole are tropical lands filled with blacks and closest to the sun. Also, this is the northern-most part of the planet which has a huge ocean that branches out to form and feed the waters of the world in 4 directions. Not to mention the electromagnetic energy found at the pole. My thinking is that this is the pre-deluge and Egypt represents when the Earth egg fell into the Nile after the deluge.

What are your thoughts? Drop a comment.

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