Questions for all truth seekers

SHARE AND REPOST in hopes of TRUTH. Using the Bible, scriptures confirming scriptures:

A few questions to ask your pastors and yourself:

1. Why do they preach a white Jesus? In essence, a false god? If color of Most High wasn’t important, whites wouldn’t have CHANGED THE COLOR and the Bible wouldn’t have dropped MANY color clues of BLACK and pope wouldn’t secretly worship Black Jesus!

2. Why do they misrepresent Pauls teachings, which were meant ONLY for the dispersed Northern tribes of Israel and NOT the church? (Everything is context and source the Greek/Hebrew words is the only way to understand Pauls teachings). Church in bed with Esau!

3. Since everything in the Bible is about context, have them source the original Greek word in John 3:16 for “world” (means a NATION (Israel) and not physical world). Israel salvation FIRST then others. If you can’t respect the chosen children of the Most High, you don’t respect or love YAH.

4. Why does the church seek to replace true Israel? The Bible is ALL about Israel and WE ARE ALIVE TODAY to reclaim our heritage.

5. Why does Christianity have so much pagan teachings and traditions? In bed with pagan Rome(ESAU). Jesus never died on a Friday, no Christmas or Easter. Etc.

6. Why don’t we obey Mosaic laws? You know, the ones that caused our curses and ones we MUST OBEY TO REVERSE CURSES. Jesus never taught this. He only did away with SACRIFICES(which you still do til this day)

7. Why don’t we honor the true Sabbath(Saturday)? Why do they follow sun worship(Sunday)? Jesus taught on Saturdays and ALL HIS MIRACLES on the Sabbath for a reason.

YAH laws never changed!

You been fooled. The Mark of the Beast are pagan religions of Christianity and Islam- all offshoots of Rome, the Antichrist and last beast(Daniel) to rule before YAH Kingdom comes on earth. Secret identity of ESAU trying to claim Jacobs blessings is ROME.

Get your facts right while you have time! No one escapes. Silence Speaks coming soon!

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