Questions for all truth seekers

SHARE AND REPOST in hopes of TRUTH. Using the Bible, scriptures confirming scriptures:

A few questions to ask your pastors and yourself:

1. Why do they preach a white Jesus? In essence, a false god? If color of Most High wasn’t important, whites wouldn’t have CHANGED THE COLOR and the Bible wouldn’t have dropped MANY color clues of BLACK and pope wouldn’t secretly worship Black Jesus!

2. Why do they misrepresent Pauls teachings, which were meant ONLY for the dispersed Northern tribes of Israel and NOT the church? (Everything is context and source the Greek/Hebrew words is the only way to understand Pauls teachings). Church in bed with Esau!

3. Since everything in the Bible is about context, have them source the original Greek word in John 3:16 for “world” (means a NATION (Israel) and not physical world). Israel salvation FIRST then others. If you can’t respect the chosen children of the Most High, you don’t respect or love YAH.