Race and Politics

Stay tuned. My next book will give you all the keys to unlock the matrix. The answers to life. Knowledge of ALL THINGS. I’ll tell you what they WON’T! I GOT YOU! I work over 18 hrs everyday for over 7 years to save you! I’ve been cast out of society to save you!

We are all one race; The human race. Race is a created myth. To paint a picture of the beginning, imagine dropping a rock into a body of water. It creates a ripple effect. Things spread out and create circles from a central point. This was the creation story that’s plagiarized in many forms. There was no evolution, just de-evolution of truth.

Let’s talk about RACE. We gained color based on our geographical position to the sun. Inside of the sun is a black magnet, they call it a black hole. This magnet connects to the magnet in your brain called the pineal gland. This is how information is transmitted. We were much spread out and many lived in isolated areas. Because the sun transmits higher vibrations from heaven, Those closest to the sun gained consciousness first. This is why ancient Africans were able to be more advanced than Europeans until the Europeans gained the knowledge and monopolized it. There was no first race! We all were created together from this ripple. People also began to migrate to overcrowded cities and out of isolated areas to spread this indoctrination.

I say this all to say that we are ONE. We must remove ourselves from that which divides us, RACES. There’s only ONE HUMAN RACE and it comes in many colors. Podcast series uploading soon.

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