Releasing a Fourth Volume - 4 books on the same day, April 26, 2021

Welcome to the Fourth Volume of Silence Speaks

Welcome to the Voice that Speaks in Silence

The Sounds From The Silent Tone Of Love

The Melodies from Heaven

A Message For All Earthlings

Third Level Of Density


I report

Unedited from the Voice that Speaks in Silence



From the Voice to Silence

Fertilized Through Love

Synthesized through the

Silent Tone

Mother Nature

To Universal Consciousness

To my Higher Self

To my Individual Collective State of Oneness

Escaping Trapped Thoughts

Conquering Minds

To Characters Manifesting The Tongue

Communicating Through Technology



I report

I walk in the Light of Life and Love

I was bathed in Love’s Waters

I am on a mission from Love

The Throne

The Silent Tone

I Speak Life

I Speak Love

I Speak Oneness

Welcome To Love’s Unconquered Throne

My Love Abides in the presence of the people and in the Unification Process of Oneness

I am just a vessel

From Love

The journey of man

From One to the Self

Through Love

Through Time

Back To One

One Love

Universal Consciousness

I stand in Life

I stand in Love

As One

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